Thursday, August 23, 2007


Strange Smells

Mmmm what's this? I smell sumfing unyooshull. There must haf been an introoder around in the night.
Go away Eric, I got here furrst, and I'm going to put my smell on the wall, not yoo.
Well all rite yoo can stay, but don't git in my way. Smelling strange smells is furry impawtunt.
That's ok Flynn, yoo keep sniffing up there, it smells much better down here.
Yer looking all silly Eric, yoo look like yoo've been on the nip.
Whoaaaa here's the best bit. Wonder who it wuz that's been introoding.
At last!! Eric's gone and now I haf the smells all to myself.
This smells so good I would git rite in the wall if I could. It's neerly as good as nip. Not quite, but neerly.

oh wow, we wonder what the good smells was?
silly silly boys!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Hey, what does it smell like?!
Does it smell like a mouse?
Hahahah, what a pair of cute two~!!!
Oh wow, yer the bestest smellur helpur evur my Orange chocolute fondoo fowntain, ERic!
I hope it wasn't VISHUS DEER!
By the way, you guys haven't choose the photo of the post card yet~! Please come and pick one~!
I think that smell was mousie smell!

Max S
Sniffing strange smells is important work. And very fun, too!
That looks like fun! I love to stand on my hind legs and scratch scratch scratch at hard objects.

You too half da best addvenchures!

whatcha got? rodents?
What a wonderful story your photos told!
(Plus, Mosaic Lady really likes to see Eric from behind.)
Good smells are the best! I do that with our wooden fence all the time!
You guys look so cute smelling your strange new smells! What was it, what was it? A mousey maybe?
You two are just so cute - it's so sweet to see how you like hanging out together!
That's a very cool wall! You were both very intrigued by the smell that was left there. I wonder what it was that had you so interested in the smell?
Holy Schmolly! Wuz der a creechur in der? We hast nefer seen so much ixcitemint ofur rocks afor.

Luf, Us
Must have smelled really good to spend so much time trying to find it!! Did you figure out what the smell came from? I didn't for get the Meme, I'm working on it now. (Sam)
Your FL furiends,
Oh wow that was an AWESOME story!!! I love finding smells.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What is it, is it the greeny-brown moss stuff I get in my garden. That makes me go all niptastic. FAZ
what was it guys? ~The Fluffy Tribe
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