Saturday, August 25, 2007


Spotty Saturday

I haf got three spots on my nose and mum sez they are my byooty spots.
I wuz wondering if I haf got a nose twin sumwhere. Pearl's brofurr Pumpy looks furry similar to me, but I don't know if he has got a spotty nose too.I haf got byooty spots on my bottom lip too, but yoo can't see them here.
Do yoo haf a ginger nose wiv three spots?

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We only have one ginger here and he only has one big spot of ginger all OVER himself. You are so handsome Eeric, I know you'll find your nose twin somewhere. My mom wants to kiss your beauty spots, so watch out.
Awwww mom ma finks your nose is so cutie se says she wanna put a kissie on it... silly human ::shakes head::

purrrs Kashim & Othello
Your nose spots are furry cute. We don't have ginger noses at all tho, so we must not be your noze twins. Fooey!
Yoo haf a one of a kind noze wif reely cute beyooty spots on it.
Oh Eric, that is the cutest nose, we ever saw. Maybe you are one of kind. But if we happen to run across any cats that look like you, we will check out there noses for you.
Your FL furiends,
i don't know your nose twin but you is furry booteful for sure!!!

smiles, auntie bee
I think your little nose-freckles are very cute!
oh thowse are defunatlie beeyootie spots on yer nose! Ushulie thare's only one byootie spot but yoo have three cause yer an eggstraly handum ginger cookie mancat! - rosie
My human is all "aww" over that cute cat nose.
Awwww we love those little nose spots!
Eric and Flynn, Tigger and I did the Middle Name Meme today. Just wanted you to know we didn't forget.
Your FL furiends,
we don't haf any orange noses, but yer byooty spots are nice and original ~The fluffy Tribe
those are great beauty spots!

suzanne had some on her nose and lips. they weren't in exactly the same places as yours, but they were there.

you look very handsome and comfy.

yer noze iz verree speshul! i haven't seen such a byootiful noze, miself. i'm not yer noze twin ... but yer'z izza noze i wood like to pick!
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