Friday, August 10, 2007


Some Advice

When efurryfing seems to git on top of yoo and life's rushing by, yoo should stop and smell the roses.

Well this advice is probly more furr the Beans than us cats cuz we don't beeleev in rushing around anyhow.

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But you have such lovely roses to smell! How could anyone not stop to smell them?!
You are so right.
Sometimes stop rest for a while could walker longer distance~!
Good advice boys.

Maybe us cats should stop and smell the catnip?

Them roses look real nice.
I agree with you completely except.... I've seen you rush around when you have the Midnight Crazies or right after you've pooped in the litterbox. ;-)
thanks so much for the excellent advice!!

smiles, auntie bee
Smelling the roses is excellent advice for beans and cats too!
Roses smell mighty nice.

Hhhmmm. We mite haf to git Maw to buy sum rozes. We dunt haf none in owr yard.

Luf, Us
Furry, furry good advice for cats and beans too! I love smelling things.
Mum and I are breathing deeply.

Ahhhhh. Just lovely.
That's great advice. Beans aren't very good at remembering to smell roses. Or nap.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
yup ... smell da rozez!
i miss u e + f ... haven't spoken in a while.
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