Sunday, August 26, 2007


My nose twin

Yesterday I asked if anycat knew whether I had a nose twin with three byooty spots like me. Well I have!!! I got an email furrom a poodin called Sunny and he sent me two pikchurs of himself. I thought I wuz looking at me! He has got three nose spots just like me, and in nearly the same place.
In case yer wondering, the pikchur of the furrst poodin above is me.
This is Sunny. Don't yoo fink he is a hansum poodin?
He could be a body dubble furr me. He sez his Beans fink I'm his long lost cuzzin. Well I think they could be rite. He efun has the same cuddly build as me.
Sunny duzn't haf a blog, he sez his mum duzn't haf time to help him wiv it. Mebbe he can persuade her to change her mind so he could join us all, efun if it wuz only now and again. We'd love to have yoo join our big happy family new cuzzin Sunny.

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Congratulations to your nose twin,l he looks like a very handsum poodin!
puuurrs, Kashim & Othello
sunny is a furry cute nose twin and i fink sunny needs a blog too!!!

we will purray for anestasia too honey...

smiles, auntie bee
That's a great twin you found! Very handsome, just like you.

I'm sorry my page is giving you errors. Thanks for letting me know. I am trying to find out if anybody else is having the same problem.
This is pawsum! You guys could be da same poodin! Are you foolin wid us?

Luf, Us
Eric, you found him. He's a perfect twin, that's for sure!
Holy Cat! That is a definite nose twin.
Oh he is a purrfect nose twin for you!
Re: yur commint. We finks datz wut sindyekaeshun is.

Luf, Us
Eric, I came back to your page and I now just noticed that you have dark spots on your nose and so does your twin. Are those your beauty spots? I thought you were talking about your ginger-colored fur that covers the area in between your eyes. Wow, you two really are alike.
Wow, he is handsome - great nose twin!
I have nose spots too!!!
Come see my post. I think we might ne nose triplets.
Wow, the resemblance is uncanny, Eric. Does anyone match Flynn? Neither one of us has found a nose twin yet; Mom hasn't helped us look hard enough yet.

Wowww, congratulations for the nose twin~!!!! Really really similar~!!!
that's so cool! he does look just like you!

you gotta see what's on our blog...
Sunny does look a lot like you! :) Congratulations on finding your nose twin.
Oh that is too cool! Congrats on having a nose twin!

That's amazing! You two look enough alike to be brothers.
Oh, you both are furry cute with your little freckled noses! It is nice that you finally found your nose twin!
Amazing. YES the resemblance is striking. Are you sure you two are not litter mates?

That is quiet unusual to find a nose twin with the same spots!!!
I wanted to say thank you for your support, it means a lot to me and the staff!
Your friend Karl
Holy Cats! That sure is a match!
You both are such handsum mancats! Concatulashuns on findin' yur nose twin!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Yay!!! A Nose twin for Eric and a body double, too. We hope he gets his own blog!!
Your FL furiends,
WOW! You found your noze twin! Amazing! Yall are both furry handsum.
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