Monday, August 13, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is dad's big red tractor which he drives most days. I go in and make sure efurryfing is safe furr him in there.
This tractor is furry old, in fact it's the same age as my dad and that's anteek. It's called the little grey Fergie.
He yooshully uses his big red tractor, but he still uses this one sumtimes when he wants to git into tight places.I like the red one best cuz it's got a nice comfy seat, and windows to let the sun in. Checking tractors is anuvver mancat job.

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excellent of you to check the machines for him. good mancat stuff!!!

smiles, auntie bee
I can see you are doing an excellent job because your fur is all fluffed up in suspicion in the first photo! Keep up the good work!
Very cool tractor ... and very Mancat of you to inspect it for him!
Wow, I am very impressed! Checking tractors sounds like a very important Mancat job. Great photos!
Inspecting tractors is about as manly as you can get!
yup. we gotta agree - duzzn't get much manlier than tractors!
That must be a very mancat sort of job. I mean, it's quite high and rather dusty and I hate to have my furs disturbed...
That is furry good that you inspect the tractors for your Dad. That is a furry important mancat job.
That is certainly a very mancatly job to check on a tractor! You are a very responsible cat! That's a good trait in a mancat!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Great job on checking the tractor out. Very important that they are in good running order. Mom says that sometimes she feels like the antique tractor looks. Whatever??

Manly Quality Control!
Just be sure to observe your union breaks when you work that hard.
Good job on checking out the metal machines for your dad.
Thare so lucky to have such a thurow checkur like yoo inspekting the tracktur, my marshmelloo creempuff Mancat! -Rosie
furry manly!!! does you know how to drive the trakker?
Hmmm...maybe we is colorbling - we can't see any red!
Very, very mancatly for sure.
your bud Pepi
You are very good at guarding that tractor and inspecting it must be hard work.
Hi 5 paw,
Oah, Yes, luckly you did the checking for your Daddy, it will keep your Daddy in safe~!!
You are such a wonderful mancat~!!
Hey! We want a traktur. Kin we come ofer & play on yurs wid u?

Luf, Us
We're still having troubles reading your blog cuz of the pics from the sides are in the way. So we dicided to read your posts a little late, cuz then we can see the pictures.

I just want to say, that is a very interesting tractor. I don't even have one of those and you have two. Wow you are LUCKY.
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