Monday, August 06, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is one of my faverit trees. It is a big old Oak, and it is furry good furr watching the fev-vers. If I climb rite to the top I haf a furry good vyoo of all our land, and I can keep a lookout furr vishus deer.That's what Mancats do.

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wow! you sure are a mancat!!! fearless!

smiles, auntie bee
Woww, you certainly the manest cat~!
You just like a leopard~! So cool~!
Oh my! You sure do look impressive there! Very mancatly, Eric.
That is a very manly shot of you!
Wow, that tree looks very cool, and you are a great climber, Eric! Great Mancat photo!
Awesome tree eric. You boys sure have fun in the wild kingdom. Watch out for that foot and mouth - don't breathe in those germies.
What a beautiful view you have there! And what a superb job you are doing.
wow! that's a HUGE tree!! it must be squillions of years old
Gorgeous mancat in a huge, impressive tree! Audace is especially jealous. He'd love to roam the outdoors, but with the streets and the BIG-BOY TOM next door, the mere idea makes me nervous. So he can watch YOU (who look like him anyway!) and enjoy the outdoors vicariously!
Your look like a Romantic poet, looking out over the fields...Very manly.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That is a very big tree! It takes a big mancat to climb a tree like that.
wow you look WAY up high in that picture ~the fluffy tribe
wow - fearless - right up in the tree! Reminds me of the Lion King or something xx
You two are superdooper brave and very Manly!


please be careful :-)

Purrrs, Princess
WHOA! that's one ginormous tree an you look like yur rulin' yur kingdom!
Very nice picture of you in the tree Eric! How high up were you. The ground sure looks a long way down! Very Mancatly!
Your FL furiends,
Oh wow, that is a super tree for a mancat. I want one of those.

And of course you guys can come to the August purrthdays party! We want friends of August kitties to come too!

I'll save a nipcigar for you both.

your bud Pepi
Holy...yoo be careful up der Eric, my sisfurs wood be furry upset if yoo gotted hurt. (don't tell, but I wood too)~Speedy
You're very, very brave. Be careful around those vishus deers.

Wowee! We haf vyoo envy!!

Luf, Us
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