Saturday, August 18, 2007


5 Things meme

We were tagged by Luxor to tell about 5 things that changed our lives.
1.Well the biggest change wuz when the Girl where we wuz born took us and our brofurr and sisfurr indoors furr two Beans to look at. Until then we lived in the barn wiv our kitty mum and all the cows, and we had nefurr been in the indoors befurr. We wuz about 5 weeks old and loved our kitty mum, but a bad tomcat wuz keep coming around and the Girl wuz scairt that he would kill us. The Beans chose the two of us, and cuz we could eat proper food, they took us to our furrefurr home the next day.We didn't know it then, but we wuz going to keep an old ladycat cumpunny. We reely loved her rite away, but she didn't like us at furrst. We made her love us though and she soon went efurrywhere wiv us.She wuz allus a little girl who wayed 6lbs.
2. The second fing that changed our lives wuz when Kitty Yumbum had to go to the Bridge. Her kid-mees were not furry good, and mum had to keep giving her injeckshuns. The time between injeckshuns wuz gitting shorter and shorter, and the Beans knew she wouldn't be wiv us much longer. One day when she finished eating, she went outdoors and couldn't stop yacking, and kept falling ofurr. Mum knew it wuz time and rang the V E T. He wuz a furry nice man furr a V E T, and he came to our house so's not to stress Kitty YB, and gave her an injeckshun to make her tired while mum cuddled her. Then he gave her anuvver one to send her to the Bridge. We knew her furr two years and we reely reely loved that old lady. We wuz about eighteen munfs old in the pikshur wiv her.
3. The third thing that changed our lives wuz the werst efurr. We wuz allowed outdoors all on our own cuz it is safe here. When we wuz two, Eric kept going furr longer walks on his own. Mum had to keep going out looking furr him. One day dad saw him down the next farm where all the working woofies are, and he called him, but he wouldn't come back. The Beans walked across all the feelds togevver calling him,but he still wouldn't come back. Mum sed,"Rite that's it, he could haf been attacked by dawgs. Those boys aren't going out on their own again." So cuz of Eric we can only go furr walks wiv mum now.
4.The fourth fing that changed our lives wuz when mum googled "Ginger Cats" and found Fat Eric's blog. She helped us to email him, and he sujjestid we git our own blog. We're so glad we did cuz just look at all the furrends we haf made. We love yoo all.
5. Fifth but sirtinnly not least wuz meeting our girlcat furrends Grr and Rosie. Life has been efun better furr us since then.
We haf been a long time gitting around to putting up this Post so we don't know who has and hasn't been tagged. If yoo hafn't been, consider yerself tagged now.

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these are furry nice changes in your lifes. We enjoyed learning more about you both.
momma has a loves ginger cats 'though she never happened to have one around for herself. She was looking for one but then we crossed her life...

purrs, Kashim & Othello
I really enjoyed reading about your five things ... Kitty Yumbum sounds like she was a wonderful friend to you.

And I'm really glad you found Fat Eric's blog (not to mention Grr and Rosie)!
I think those were interesting five things. I am particularly interested in the one where Eric was wandering too far and didn't come when he was called.
Those is great things! but maybe the werst one was really one of the best thing - 'cause it keeps you safe!
It is so nice to hear more about you guys. I liked your meme.
purrrrrrrrrrr! I'm furry glad you got your own blog too. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
You guys have had a really interesting life so far. I'm glad you kept Kitty Yumbum company in her last years before she went to the Bridge.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Those are very interesting things about you, Eric and Flynn. I never knew any of those things. It is wonderful that Fat Eric got you started on blogging.

I am glad that your mom makes sure you are safe when you go Outside.
My mum is going "awwwwwww" over the kitten picture.

I feel proud I had a paw in your blogging career - you are now stars of the blogosphere and an example to gingers everywhere!
What a kyoot kitty pichur!!! How sweet! That is sad dat Kitty YumBum wented to da bridge. Poor ol' girl.

We ist furry glad dat yur mum akkompanys u on yur walks so u dunt git eaten.

BUZZ! It wuz an ol foto on owr blog, but Dorfie is on da rite.

Luf, Us
Yur Mum watches after yoo when yur out playing and hunting? We didn know dat. Today wuz my changing dat too acoz I left da safe yard and wented into da trees. When da beans found me I wuz sitting atop da fox den. Owtside is off limits for a while till Mom can watch me too.
I am happy that you got yourrr own bloggie too.

It is our great honored to see your bloggie~! Thank you for sharing 5 things~!!
That was a great 5 things. I know much more about you now. Kitty YumBum sounded like a sweet kitty!
Those are some wonderful five things. We're so glad that you shared them and that we got to know you better. Since your mum always goes outside with you, that explains how she always manages to photograph you in action out there. It's interesting how you two gorgeous British gingers both ended up with beautiful California girls.

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