Friday, July 06, 2007


Rockin' Boy Blogger.

We wuz nommynaytid furr Rockin' Boy Bloggers by Forty Paws and Chase. Fank yoo furr that grate onner. We want to nommynate:

Dragonheart cuz he teeches efurrycat about Sphynx cats and about Germany and lots of uvver fings to make us more ejookaytid. Mebbe he can teech us to spell too one day. So Dragonheart, yoo rock!

Fat Eric: cuz if it wuzn't fuur our furrend Eric, we would not be here now. Mum saw Fat Eric's blog one day and told us about it. We sed we wanted to blog too, but we didn't know what to do, and neither did our mum, but FE and his mum told us what to do. So fat Eric, yoo rock!

HRH Yao-lin: cuz we nefurr met royalty befurr and yoo mingle wiv all the rite peepull. So Yao-lin we fink yoo rock too.

Jeter Harris: cuz efurrytime we reed his blog, we're laffin and laffin, and also he is furry good to his Squillion and lets him haf his Sunday post. Jeter cuz yoo can allus make us laff, we fink yoo rock too.

Rocky,furrom Artsy Catsy: cuz he has a furry high powered job, and it must take a lot of effort and keerful planning to keep his hyoomans and the uvver cats working to a high standard. So Rocky yoo rock too.

Also we would like to nommynate Trip the Psyko Cat. We know he hasn't got a blog so we want to nommynate him as an onnery Rockin' boy blogger, cuz Tripper we fink yoo rock!! GIVE TRIP HIS OWN BLOG!!


Keep on rockin', guys! Congrats!
deer e + f,
thank u fer da grate honor uv bein nominated fer da rockin' boy blogger.
i like wut u sed abowt me. i'm glad yer laffin an laffin wen u reed wut i rite ... an mi squillion thankz u, too.
luv--yer grate frend--jh
Congratulations. Keep on a Rockin' you two.
Thanks so much for the nomination, guys. :) I am honoured. :) You've picked some great cats to receive the award. :)
Thank you for the nomination!!

I nominated trip too cos I can't believe he has come this far in life without being locked away!

Congratulations Eric & Flynn! You rock!
Great rockin' boy kitties! Rock on!

Congratulations, Eric and Flynn!
Doze is furry gud nomee-nashuns! You guyz ROCK!

Luf, Us
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