Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

After all that werk yesterday I haf had to take it eezy to recuvver my strength.
Sum of yoo seem to fink that I am Flynn's older bigger brofurr. Well yes I am bigger, but we are the same age and haf the same mother. It's unnerstandabull yoo would fink that, cuz Flynn duzn't haf the same sense of responserbillytilly as me and just wants to play like a little kitty all the time. I don't mind this as long as he keeps me supplied wiv yummy mousies.

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You have a very cute, fluffy tummy, Eric. :) Enjoy your nap. I'm glad to hear that Flynn keeps you supplied with mousies!
Do mousies taste like chicken?
Poor Eric. You have such a hard row to hoe, or sumtink like dat. But at least Flynn brings you mousie delites.

Luf, Us
Well, wif all your hard work you deserve a good nap. Is Flynn paying you off in mousies so he doesn't hafta do da work?
how many mousies does you charge Flynn for your werk?

mommy wants to kiss your tummy Eric
Eric, it looks like you are wearing little ginger pants!
well, if you do the work, you need to be paid. yummy mousies sound like a good payment to us. the Lady wants to snorgle your tummy.
Aaaahhhhh! Look at that vast expanse of white. I need my sunglasses.

Eric, my Mum says she would like to snorgle your fluffy white tummy! I like when she does that to me : )
Lotsa mowsies in THAT tummy! Fank goodness fur Flynn!
I think it all evens out. He brings you food, you keep the area safe! It's all good!
Great tummy, by the way! Mommy wants to give it a big smooch! (again)!
awww puddin...so cute!
you de-serf a rest honey after all that werk!

smiles, auntie bee
We feel for ya, Eric. Marie acts totally the same way as Flynn.

~Donny and Casey
Looks like you and Flynn have things worked out pretty well.
I love your Tummy!
~Anna Sue
Oh Eric,your tummy is so cute! Our Mom wants to rub it! She likes to rub tummies. Flynn knows how to keep you on his good side, mousies.
Your FL furiends,
Samantha & Tigger
I love your tummy~!
Makes me really want to rub it.
You certainly do deserve your nap! What a lovely floofy tummy you have!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh what a handsome tummy!
what a glorious, lovely fluffy tum! our mom just wants ta go "gitcheegitcheegitchee" on it wif her fingies!!

catered mousies! wow--such a deal you got there. we are furry jealous;-)
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