Sunday, July 29, 2007


They're Home!!!!!

Yayyyy!!!!!! Dad's home!! Well mum is too but someone has to take the pikchurs. It's no good yoo making faces at me dad, yoo don't git furrgiven that kwikly furr leaving us.
Oh well all rite if I must I'll sit on yer lap and Flynn will go all soft. But it's only cuz it wuz yer purrfday that we haf furr given yoo.
I'm a good boy, I'm going to help mum wiv her laundry.
We want to fank efurrycat furr helping to keep us company while we were purrizziners. We had good fun wiv all of yoo who teleported ofurr to see us, and fanks furr all the good wishes furr our blogoversary.And fanks again to Karl and Anastasia furr putting up our post furr us.

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so glad you're back! yay!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Hey guys glad your humans are home! You know, I think I did see them go past, waving their towels - I duly shouted back at them " GO HOME TO YOUR CATS _ THEY NEED YOU!!!". Just to throw in a bit of guilt, you know! :-) Hope they had a lovely holiday and I am happy they back tending to your every whim! x
Oh I'm so glad your beans are back - congrats - have great fun :)
Yay, you're back! We missed you! Those are great pickshures and I bet you and your beans are enjoyin' lots and lots of snugglin'.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Binkies! They are home.
YEAAAAAAAAA, we are sooo happy fur yoo and yer dad luks so happy to be with yoo two!

Eric, my sugur coated doonut with strawbarry fillur, it was so nice to spend kwalitie time with yoo wile thay were gone...wink, wink! -Rosie
Yay! They're back! Happy Purrfday to your dad too!

Luf, Us
Hooray! They are back! I hope your dad had a happy birthday.
You look so content to have your humans back. congratulations!
Yay! Welcome home!
Welcome home! We are glad that you are back! Maybe just for good measure bite the humans once to let them know that you did NOT appreciate the last two weeks....
Ups - that last comment was of course not Dicky Duck but Anastasia from The Cat Realm. I am helping Dicky to organize his latest travel pictures and was logged in under his name...
YAY! FINALLY! we're very glad you're outta jail! what did they bring you? do they have pictures of fev-vers? Flynn, you look adorable in that last picture!
Flynn, I could swear that looks like a smile on your face as you sit on that bag. I always have to punish my mum too when she goes away. She has to call me over and over and BEG me to come over before I'll even look at her. Enjoy your family being back together again. I hope they never leave you again.
You are really a good boy~!
Great to have you back~!
We just found out that you are back! Hooray - we missed you! And give your dad a belated Happy Birthday wish from both of us!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
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