Saturday, July 14, 2007


Pleez don't go.

Aww come on dad, I'm giving yoo eggstra cuddles even though yoo haf come in all oily and dirty. Pleez don't leave us furr two whole weeks.
Look I will efun jump through hoops furr yoo if yoo will stay home wiv us.
It is our furrst blogoversary next Friday but cuz the Beans won't be here to turn the compooter on furr us, we can't haf a party.
Auntie Bee sed she will haf a cyber party furr us, but we're not going to let the Beans know.
Karl and Anastasia furry kindly sed they would let other poodins know about our blogoversary, so if ennycat wants to comment yoo can do it on this post.
::sigh:: I wish we could turn the compooter on ourselves. We will be posting again in two weeks time, but we will try and visit our furrends tomorrow and mebbe in between times if we git the chance.

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well then let's have the party tomorrow and it can last the whole two weeks if you want it to!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh, we will miss yoo vary vary much fur two whole weeks but have no fear, my jetpak is filled up and ready to go so I can make TONS of trips ovur the see to visit my banana-nutella crape, Eric. I'll make sure to bring a spare so Flynn can stop by and visit Grr!!!

We won't furget yoo, promise!!!
I will miss you all. I hope you have a fine two weeks.
Be back soon - I nominated you for some awards :)
eric: squash the human under your girth and then he can't go anywhere! not that I'm saying you are fat or anything, not at all, just like, muscular and heavy, ok? xxx
Ignore them for a day when they get back, that'll teach 'em!
Oh dat will be SOOO cool dat Auntie Bee ist gonna haf partays fur u!!! We'll be der!

Luf, Us
How ever could they leave you when you asked them so nicely to stay?
Awww, we're going to miss you fellers bunches and bunches! We'll go to yur cyber-party fur yur bloggivershury! and we're happy you'll be back fur Brainball's Gotcha Day Paw-tay.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I'll miss you, too! An early congrats on your blogoversary next Friday!
Ohhhh, I can't believe that your humans are abandoning you!

Come and visit me, I have lots of food and we can hang out in my garden and Flynn can try his paw at catching frogs and newts in my pond. I have lots of baby sparrows too at the moment who would love to meet him.

Thinking of you in your time of need,

I think if you both sit on Dad, he won't be able to breathe, then he won't be able to leave you. Sound like a plan? You gotta team up and ambush. Just make sure they don't take you with them! That would be worse. We'll miss you over at the Peach Pit.
those people gotta stop abandoning you! and you're being so sweet too! hey - are they gonna take more pictures of fev-vers? we love their vacation pictures!

are they gone yet? if so, I'll be right over
Oah dear the first photo is the sweetest picture today~!!!!!
It must be very very warm~!!!!
We're going to miss you guys!!! :(

You can come over to our house while your peoples are gone. We've got catnip bubbles.

PS - We nominated you for an award for when you get back to blogging. Check out our bloggie for details.
Happy Blogoversarry!!! Today is mine and next week is Latte's! Isn't it amazing its been a whole year? I'm very happy to know you both.

Oh, I'm with Empress Bee - lets have a two week party! I shall teleport over tomorrow and see what you guys are up to.
Oh Eric, you poor big boy. You sure love your dad, don't you? Two weeks is way to long to be without your folks. Just remember they ARE coming back. Hopefully after that they'll stay around for a good long time.
Be good,Tyler's ma
Oh boys, we are already missing you! But Congratulations on your Blogoversary! We sure do love your adventures...

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Awww these photos are so sweet.I hate when my mom leaves too.
Oh NO Eric and Flynn...well if you can't be here to celebrate on the day we'll just wait until you get back to really celebrate. But happy blogoversary in advance. See ya when ya get back.

how is you guys doin? we's here wif some niptinis for you!!
Happy blogoversary!!!!
Your post is up at The cat Realm and you can pick up your award button once you are back at
Karl and Anastasia
Happy Blogaversary, Eric and Flynn! Isn't the Cat Blogosphere a marvelous place -- it's wonderful to have you two as friends, and I wish you much more happy blogging!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Happy Blogoversary to you!
Happy Blogoversary Eric and Flynn! :) I know you aren't around to see this, but it will be waiting for you when your humans come back! :) It's been great getting to know the two of you. :)
Not the first today, but just the same, happy 1st blogiversary from all the Good Cats (who live near Devon, PA).
Happiest Blogoversary Wishes to you, Eric & Flynn!!!
Oh my goodness....alone on such a special day!!? well come catapult on over the waters and get some of dragonhearts birthday cake here at my place! there is plenty left and it will last until your beans get home!!
CONCATULATIONS on your anniversary!!! So very mice to meet you two. I am a Ginger girl of almost 16 years!!
Happy Blogoversary, Eric and Flynn. I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year. I hope you have many happy blogging years to come.
HAPPY BLOGGYVERSARY! I hope you day is full of sunny naps and good thingd, even if your beans aren't there!
I can't beleeve yoor beans left for two weeks and won't be here to celebrate YOUR BLOGAVERSARY! Happy Blogaversary guys! We miss yoo! Yoo shood haf a big party when yoor beans get back...
Congrats and happy blogaversary guys!! Love the picture of you giving your bean extra cuddles! Too cute!
Happy Blogoversary! May there be many more!
Congratulations on your blogoversary! Isn't blogging great? I hope things are going ok with your people away and all. Hang in there!
Happy First Blogoversary Eric and Flynn!!!! We hope you are enjoying it although you are being held prizzeners right now. We are sending lots of hedbutts & purrs!!!

Luf, Us
happy blogesversary guys!

smiles, auntie bee
Happy Blogaversary!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Party time!!!!
Oh, you poor puddins, lefted alone on yur blogiversary. Poor beans, cat-less fur two whole weeks! You must demand extra bloggin time when they return.

Happy Blogiversary! ::spin::
Happy Blogiversary! ::spin::
Happy Blogiversary! ::spin::
Whoa. I'd do a 21-spin salute, but I's gettin dizzy already. BIG PURRS!
We will miss you guys! Happy 1st Blogoversary!! You can have a party when you come back!!
Your FL fuiends,
Samantha & Tigger
Happiest of Blogoversaries to you!
Just think of all the guilt-induced celebrating you'll do once they get back!! Two weeks IS forever, for sure, but maybe they will spend the next 50 weeks trying to gain your forgiveness?
We'd sure give it a shot, anyway.
Happy Blogoversary! We're all coming over to celebrate with you, and we're bringing nip!
Wishing you a happy blogoversary. I hope your humans get home soon so you can blog away!

Happy Blogiversary Eric & Flynn! We'll party a lot wif yoo when yoo gets home :)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
Happy Blogiversary, guys! Hopefully you'll get some great gifts when your humans return!
We will miss yoo, but then we also haf a grate sumthing to look furward to when yoo return!
Happy Blogoversary, guys. I hope you are doing okay all locked up. I'm lucky that I get to stay with Granny while Momma's wasting her time away from me.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy Blogoversary!

We can't wait to hear what you guys did while your peoples were on vacation.
Congratulations on your blogoversary, I hope your humans enjoyed their trip and give you lots of treats to make up for abandoning you!
Happy Blogoversary guys. We wish you weren't locked up so you could really enjoy this.
Happy Blogoversery! We've loved reading about your adventures in the English countryside and have enjoyed teleporting over there on occasion.

Congratulations, and we hope your family returns soon.

Party On!
Happy Blogospheric Anniversary!
Happy Blogaversary!!
See you when you can blog again. We are told 2 "weeks" is a whole half a Big Moon, and that is a loooong time!

Congratulations on a whole year of Big Moons of bloggin!
Happy Blogversery!!!
Happy Blogiversary! You will have lots and lots of stuff to catch up on and lots and lots to tell us when you are back blogging!
Happy Blogiversary!

Only a week to go and your Dad will be home!

Sending lots of Purrs and Scritches and Hugs

Love Love
Happy Blogoversary Eric & Flynn.
Happy Blogoversrey! How are yoo guys faring with all of the fludding? We werry abowt yoo!
Hey Eric and Flynn!! Thanks for the comment - I am glad you can occasionally sneak onto the computer. I hope you are being looked after well and that your humans will be home soon, tending to your every whim. Cant wait to read about your adventures!

Love n hugs

Yao-Lin xx
Happy blogaversary to you!!
So sorry you couldn't be on for your Blogaverary but I know you will make up for it when you get back on again, which should be soon. Should almost be time for you Mom and Dad to be back. Hope you had a good time at your parties that you were going to go to. Your auntie bee probably threw a good one for you. See two you when you get back on.

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