Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sorry I wuz late home mum.

Mum sez I wuz late home furrom the 4th.July Purrfday and Gotcha Party. Well I couldn't help it, we wuz bofe having such a good time.She sed if we wuzn't home by midnight we mite turn into pumpkins, and she sed if I do it again she'll put me in the Free Ads.
Well mum, yoo don't haf to bovver cuz I'll do it myself. It wuz worth it just to see my sweetie Grr again.

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purrrrrr! it sure wuz fun, wasn't it? I've mostly been napping since I got home, tummy up of course, and I haven't even felt like scratching anyone. purrrrrrr!
please don't put him in the free ads!!!

smiles, auntie bee
The party was very very fun!! My eyes are only just now getting un-googley from all the 'nip.
HeeHee, we had fun, didn't we! I bet Mommy forgives you!
Uh oh. You better do some major sucking-up!!! Purrs and snuggles and headbutts should do it.

Luf, Us
It was a good party. I had to pop in and out. I had demands of hosting company. So much to do.
Aw, she wouldn't really do that!
No curfews for cats!

Glad to know you have a great party.I think you must be tired because your eyes are a little bit red.
Get a rest first, you will have nice weekend, I believe.
Cute photos! The party was lots of fun - I wish I could have stayed longer!
Big Man Cats like you should always party hard! Sorry we couldn't stay long, seems like such a great party.


PS You rock! Come by my blog for details.
Good idea, if you eat all the free ads the humans can't put you in them. FAZ
nice blog
Oh my, you were late home! My Mum would have grounded me and then I would miss the party this weekend, I hope to see you guys there.
he he he they wouldn't put you in the freeads. Although, it would be perfect punishment if you did this yourself to get back at them for reprimanding you!! he he xx
Sure do hope you had a great time at that party. You sure look like you did, especially if you got back after your curfew. Ah Mom's forgive. You do look cute in the free ads though.

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