Thursday, July 12, 2007



I just got back furrom a walk around the feelds. Ifink I need to rest on this feeld roller. Oh! sumfing tickled me.
Huh yoo pesky fly, git off.
I'm warning yoo, I'm watching yoo.
Hahaha, stop it, yer tikkling me.
Neerly got yoo.
Thank goodness, peace at last.
Aaaargh are yoo back again?
Now I'm gitting reely mad.
He's gone, at least I can git on wiv washing my furrs.
All done now I can nap.
Oh no!!! Are yoo back again?
I will get yoo if it's the last fing I do.
Gotcha!!!! Yum yum.
I am furry imbarrist to haf to tell all my furrends, but dat pijjin I wuz hunting got away. He suddenly got worried so I knew it wuz now or nefurr, and I took a hyooj leap at him, but he wuz too fast. I don't fink he will be back in a hurry though cuz I got some tail fev-vers caught in my claws. Bet he's got a cold butt now hehe. Mum tried to take a pikchur of my leap, but she missed me cuz I wuz so fast. Rite I'm off now to play wiv my new fev-vers.

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Sorry that you didn't catch the pigeon! Birdies are fast.

That fly must have been very annoying! I enjoyed your picture story. I'm glad you finally got him in the end.
i can hardly believe you missed the pigeon flynn! but at least you got that pesky fly! good job honey.

smiles, auntie bee
Flynn, very impressive! Farm flies can be very very persistent and annoying!

Happy Day!
Man, there was a big bug in here the other day and Hebean got it before me. An' he didn't even eat it, just threw it in the trash!
Well, some get away now and then. At least you got some new feathers.
Better luck next time!
Yeah, I hear ya, birdies are hard to get, even when you make the proper bird call. That looks like you were doing some of Skittles's yoga exercises to get rid of that fly!
Your buddy, JJ
Those pesky flies... but they can be fun to catch! I've been known to do that!
I like to eat flies. They make delicious snacks for between meals. You look very happy sitting on that roller letting the world roll by. FAZ
Rats! The pigeon got away! Well at least you got the fly. They are very pesky. I never eated a fly before. I'll bet he tasted good. I have eated the kind of bugs that crawl on the ground.
You have to eat a large amount of flies to feel like you've had a decent snack!

Maxwell Smartkitty
mmm...flys are tasty! can I come over and play with (chew on) your new fev-vers? I love fev-vers off of real live birdies!
Well yu still got the best part da tail fev-vers!

♥ аббу ♥
I'm glad you got that pesky fly. I'm sure fly tastes better than pidgeon anyway!
That was funny!
I am glad you got it, you must be a fast hunter, only fast hunters can catch insects!
We eat flies around here too against the protests of my momma. She tells me I'll get worms. What are worms?
Oh wow! You were fast to get the pijjin fev-vers!!! That's furry impressif.

Yup. Paw went to Catafornia. We will post a pitchur tomorrow ov da motel cat ware he stayed.

Yur beans r gonna bee gone fur 2 WEEKS? OMG!!! We will SOOOO miss u guyZ!!! Ware r u gonna bee imprizzened? Mebbe we kin brake u owt.

Yup, we ist sposed to git 3-4" ov rain ofer da next 2 days. We fink somebuddy moved Dallas to da tropikle raneforest.

Luf, Us
deer e + f ...
sorree abowt da pijjin ...
good job wid da fly ...
i'm havin a hard time thinkin dat yer goint be unavailabul fer 2 weekz.
luv--yer grate frend--jh
Pigeons are natty.
But you are more faster~!
You are the manest mancat~!
Ut is the wurld comming to if a man-cat isunt allowed his naps?
Fanks fur tagging me!
At least you got to eat the fly!
We're sorry that your pigeon got away but excellent job with the fly! We've never seen pigeons but there are lots of flies here lately. Willow is a very good fly catcher - China Cat is in charge of the mousies!

We will miss you while you can't compute...

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
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