Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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That looks like the best nap spot
Eric, it looks like you've found a good spot for a nap!
What wore you out so much? Was it from playin' in the woodchips?
Isn't it grate dat dem beans made da piksher box fur da puters so much smaller. Now der is room fur us to lay on da desks!
Oh! He looks like a big ol'softie. I love how cats pick the most unlikeliest places to nap.
You and I are furry helpful in the keyboard department today.
Happy WW!
~Timothy of The Bunch
Eric, you must be having a good dream because you are smiling!
I think the "big Eric" tag is really unnecessary. I think you're just floofy and you've chosen a great nap spot.

Eric, you look very comfy! I like to nap by the puter too, it's nice and warm and your beans are bound to happen by.
::yawn:: - what a good idea Eric! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
aww - you look smiley!
Eric you look so sleepy and all ~ enjoying the cool computer table :)
Now that is da life!

Great place to take a nap.
You got everyone's attention~!

I also love to do it.
Can I add to that label thing at the bottom? If so, I'd rite: Hottie Eric, Sweet Potatoe Pie Eric, Belly's Up Eric!! -Rosie
Thinking on something to blog about!
Poor, tired, neglected, unloved, unphotographed Eric. Yup. Right.

Luf, Us

Are you tired from blogging?

this is a great place to nap!!
Awwwww, you look so tuckered out! I hope you really enjoyed that nap. I have had trouble sleeping, but I know the move will be OK.
Eric, to reply to your question on my blog, I have no idea how I get a poopy bum! It seems something that happens to Sphynx, though, since I've read about other Sphynx having their bums cleaned with a baby wipe (my mom does that often for me too.) I guess some just ends up sticking around when I use the litterbox.
Awww so sweet you look so peaceful :)
Sometimes humans just make us work too hard on our blogs!
Hee hee, I've just posted a picture of me sleeping on computer equipment too! Great minds think alike and all that.

I've been furry neglected this week but I'm allowed to blog again now!
Eric, the 'puter is the bestest place for a nap!

Thanks for the pawsitive thoughts for Conner!
Having a great nap after having a great dirt bath. I see that you cleaned up first though. Sleep tight.

How can you sleep when you could be blogging? Is that you and Flynn on the screen?

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