Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

We should haf called this dubble tummy toosday cuz this is two tummies furr the price of one. This wuz the only sunspot so we had to share it.

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Lovely tummies! You both look very cozy lying there in the sun. :)
Sunny day, beautiful day.
So comfy like that, I want to enjoy with you guys so much~!
Looks nice there in the sun. I am a little british blue pussy cat. Funny how they call me British when I live in New Zealand. Hahaha.

Nice to meet you boys.
Please come and say hi.

Poppy Q
GRATE twofer tummy! And in a sunbeam no less that is the best stop for a tummy roll!

Hiya boys,
you were quick coming over to New Zealand to look at my blog!!

It was really nice to meet you and we hope you have a nice day.
My mum says I have to go and jump on her in bed now as it is almost midnight here and super cold.
Hope it is not raining where you are.

Poppy Q - come back and visit anytime.
i just love it when y'all share nice!! what good kitties you are...

smiles, auntie bee
Hello beautiful kitties. You look so comfy lying in the sun. Lynettea tells me that her mother's people came from Devon and she has been there too (although not for a long time), so she was really excited to see you. I am trying to keep warm here, as I live in Adelaide South Australia.
honey tell your mommie to listen to the mo show on the puter! it's real easy to do! and i am an honorary kitty! yay for me! (dancing around in circles!)

smiles, auntie bee
Wow, that is a great picture of you two!

deer e + f,
happee tummy tuesday to u.
today i let mi mom take pikshurz uv me in mi tree ...
i'll show em to u later!
luv--yer frend--jh
Nice sun spot! I think you're doing a great job sharing that spot.

You two are wonderful brothers to share. None of us ever share: Donny beats me up for a sunspot, and Casey would rather find another sunny spot than share with me!

Gotta find those sun spots! In winter, Audace and Ruse and Grace find them and move around with them!

It's good to see two brothers like A and R who like to sleep within touching distance. Sooooo cute!
Furry nice tummy shot. We'z lucky der is always more den one sunspot, we don't share well.
Nice sharing, boys. I'm always impressed with your comaraderie. I know some cats fight over the sunspot.
You are so sweet to share the sunspot together!
How nice of you all to share a sunspot. You all have such nice tummies!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
you 2 look so comfy! and how nice of your people to color coordinate the entire house with your furs!
Tummies squared! that is so nice. Those sunbeams are fantastic aren't they.
I very much like both of your tummies! It looks like you had a very relaxing day.
Sharing a sunspot is good. Life is good for 2 ginger brothers in the sun.

Luf, Us
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