Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

This is called a menage and it is where the horsies go in to be skooled.
The surfiss is made of woodchippings and it is furry good furr rolling in.
It also makes an eksullent giant litterbox.

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Yes the wood chips like mum put all around the garden. Except I don't get to go outside and roll around in the stuff.
Lookit' that wonderful tummy!
That is one fabulous tum!

My mom laughed and laughed at this, although I don't know why. You just look relaxed to me!
Hi Eric! Hi FLynn! I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, it's been a crazy time. I love your floofy belly Eric and rolling in a giant litterbox sounds like fun! My beans won't buy the kidbeans a sandbox anymore. I learned how to get the lid off their other one and I used it for a litterbox. It was nicer than mine. So anyway...! Wanna hang out sometime?
Eric, you have the most terrific tummy today!
I love it - that pose is pawesome!! I love the floofy tummy, but it's the stickin' your paws in the air that is da best!!

Haha - Flynn looks like he is getting rolling lessons. Lovely tummy, Eric!
Wow, that sownds like supur fun and yoo luk supur hot my bran-muffin cupcake!

Ummm, be sure yoo dont roll arownd whare yoo use the litturbox. That would be kinda stinky.
Hey! I like rolling all around on my back too. It is very fun. But I do not get to roll around in the very wonderful wood chips. You are lucky!
Eric you are getting into to da woodchips! Dat is a grate pixchur of yu!! Lookit dat wonderfull tummie!!

I loves yur belly! Can we come ofur and roll around in dose woodchips too?
he he giant litter tray! Great idea!
What a full Monty you've got there!
That's a lovely tummy, Eric. The menage sounds like a good place to hang out!
That's an amazing Tummy! I like those pretty toes, too.
~Sara of The Bunch
Great tummy!!
What an interesting word, I've never heard it before. Meowmy just calls it the "ring" and its filled with stone dust, not nice mulch.


Thanks for your concerns over our horse. She is actually going to stay at her original farm because the barn manager begged Meowmy not to leave and they worked some stuff out. Snap's belly swellings went down after Meowmy put cortizone cream on them so it was obviously an allergy thing. Of course Snap is still lame after her last shoeing and she got her behind kicked up last night. Meowmy likes us cats more at times like this.
Dat looks like grate fun. Just don't roll were yoo used dem as a litter. Yuk.
Is you rollin' in yer own poop?!
That looks like kitty heaven! I bet the wood chips smell nice, too.
Great tummy!
That looks so good ... I'd roll in that all day if I could!
Oh Eric, you have a lovely tummy.

I love the smell of wood, I bet the wood chips smell catfabulous!
That looks like a GRATE place to roll around and show off yore purrty tummy.
Oooo, mulch to roll around in. That looks nice.
Your buddy, JJ
oooh - we wanna roll too! that looks great fur scratchin' the back. we don't have anything nice like that here.
Awesum litter box guys! Don't roll in yellow wood chips tho.

Luf, Us
deer eric ...
eksellent shot uv yer wite tummy!
mi brudder mickey would like to roll in da wood chipz, hizself!
luv--yer frend--jh
Doesn't that stuff cling to your fur?? We guys never want to to anything to diminish our manliness.
Oh, a dirt bath. That feels so good. Such a floofy tummy Eric. Sure hope you enjoyed your dirt bath.

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