Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Toesies Tuesday

Mum's trying to take a pichur of my toesies and
I'm trying to play wiv the kamra strap. But do yoo
know who's toesies they are?

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They sure r very cute and playful toes no matter who's they are :)
Wow, that's hard to tell, you both have the same look when it comes to tosies, like us!!!
We sure can't tell whose toes those are but we definitely recognize "camera strap" - Ooooh, those are fun! Nice looking toesies too!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
No idea whose toes they are. Regardless of who they belong to, they are cute! Camera straps are fun to attack.
They are Eric's toes. No, wate der Flynn's. Um, dey belong to a mancat, definitly! And dey is furry kyoot.
Umm I fink they are Eric's, well maybe dey is Flynn's...goodness it's hard for a girl to make up her mind.

I'll hafta to fink about it.
Well from our analysis we believe they are Flynn's toesies.
um Eric's. No wait, Flynns. No, Erics. No.... ack! they is furry nice toes no matter who they 'along to.
We don't know whose toes they are. They are very cute and quick moving toes, however!
Love to the ginger boys!
Yeaaa, a GAME!

Ummm, upon furthur speculashun I think thay belong to my furry McCrumbCake Scone Eric! -Rosie

No way, Rosie. Eric's toes are ginormously...ummm, curvashus. Those toes are Flynn's! -Cheeto
Hmm... the only thing I can say for certain is that they aren't mine! They are fine fine toes though.
Eric? no wate. Flynn? hmm, no, maybe Eric? wate, no, definitly Flynn. or Eric.
Hmmm, I looked with my magnifying glass but I couldn't figure it out. I am not a very good detective. I will guess Eric. I mean Flynn.
yup - what everybody else said!

good idea you gots...wonder if anyone could guess whose paws are whose at our house? well, it might be hard between Midnight & Cocoa, but my paws are big and have white stripes. guess that would give it away.
Those sure are nice toesies. Mom thinks they are Flynn's, but I think they are Eric's. I hope you tell us the answer soon!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oooooh, that is a hard one. I'm thinking the toesies belong to Flynn, but I am just guessing. OR maybe the top picture are Flynn's toesies and the bottom picture is Eric's. Oh, this is driving me crazy - tell me, tell me......
Hmmm, this is very hard. Your toes look 'xactly the same to me!

Your friend
They are Eric's, no they are Flynn's. No Eric's. Okay, Flynn's. That is our final answer. They are the cutest and so furry nice.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom
We "cheated" since we saw the answer first.

Still, I have to say that those camera straps are the greatest toys. I love to attack the one that my photographer uses.

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