Thursday, June 28, 2007


Thanks Flynn

Flynn catches lots of mice but he only likes to play wiv them, not eat them. When they stop playing wiv him, he gits bored and gives them to me.I was here napping on the chair and I heard Flynn come back. Look Eric he sez, I got yoo a mousie. I wuz furry tired but I leaned ofurr to haf a look at it.
So I had to git down and haf a look. I whapped it to make sure it wuz dead. Well I didn't want to waste enerjy having to chase it.

And then I eated it rite up. Yum yum.

Fanks Flynn, that wuz tasty.

I'm lucky to haf a brofurr who's a mighty hunter. It saves me having to yoose up my enerjy.

If yoo notiss the roses behind us, that's part of the cat garden where all the Befurrus Cats are buried. Each one has a diffrunt rose in as near a culler as possybull to the culler that cat wuz. The roses aren't looking furry good yet and a cupple need replacing, but mum hopes it will soon be in full flower.

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well that was furry nice uf him! and you two cuties are featured on my right sidebar now!

smiles, auntie bee
What a pawesome bro!! I wish Donny or Casey could be hunters AND willing to give me their spoils...I wants me a fat, juicy pigeon....

Mum won't less me eat the mousies here. Says they might give me tummy problems. You two make a great team.
our Lady loved these pictures so much she called the Blonde Girl to come check 'em out too. what a great hunter you are!
Just look at the two of you in your matching chairs - so cute!

I'm three years old, by the way, but since all time is contained in the present moment, it's easy to travel wherever I'm needed to change the course of history. :)
What a lovely idea about the roses! I'm not sure about the mouse though. Doesn't the fur get all stuck in your teeth?
Deer My Sweet Potatoe Pie Eric-
Ummmmm, I've nevur actuallie aten enything that used to be leest I don't think so. Facinating! -Rosie
You really ate it??
Oah my, you just like big cat~!
It is amazing to me~!!!
I only get bugs over here, a mousie...sounds yummy!
Brilliant team work guys - I play with mine then usually eat half (I like to leave half for the humans). Your roses are lovely too. FAZ
I bet Latte would do that for me. I think he's a pretty mighty hunter (don't tell him I said that) but I bet he wouldn't eat it.

I think that's a lovely thing of your brother to do. Maybe I need a nice brother cat to bring me mouse toys?
That is what brothers are for! You make a great team.

I really love the idea of the cat garden.
Eric and Flynn

Yu too are purrfect furrs each otter. Dos are furry nice roses and it is furry sweet to have roses to a'member da cats who came a'fore.

What a great brother! Those roses are very beautiful and a great tribute.
Flynn you are a mighty mancat hunter and so thoughtful to let Eric eat your catches!

Mum is still ooohing and awwwing over the picture of yous guys in your matching chairs.
oh you two are precious! especially you who won't expend any energy in catching mice! I love that you are the food taster not the food catcher ha ha. Lovely idea for the rose garden, too.

Floofy cats! xxx
It's nice you guys each have your own garden chair.

Aren't you afraid those mousies will have some bad bugs or something on them?
What a kind brother Flynn is.

Love the matching chairs.

Our roses are not doing too well at the moment either. We think it might be all this miserable wet weather and no sunshine we've been having. But mum took her class on a trip today and they had a beautiful sunny day, they were so lucky!
Cough-gag! I only eat stuff out of cans and boxes. You ate the tail and bones too?
Nice garden for the other kitties too.
Wowie, Flynn's a furry nice brother! And guess what, last night I caught a mousie that got into our house. I'll have to tell the whole story on my next bloggie post!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
What great cooperation! I think that works out well for both of you!
Wow your bro is definitely a mighty hunter ~ nice of him to offer you his kills :)

ps. Don't forget to check out the changes to the cat blog and take part in the new daily quiz!
That was very sweet of Flynn.I never tasted a mouse before.The roses are very pretty.
U guyz crak us up! U ist grate brudders who obviously luf each ovvur bery much.

Da rose garden fur da Befurrus Poodins ist a wunnerful idear.

Luf, Us

Pee Sss. Dat ist funny dat wen u guyz go fur walks in da feelds, u leafs yur mum behind wen it starts raining and run 100 mph!!! Dat crakked us up.
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Yikes! you ate the mouse! I've never been much of a hunter. I used to hunt spiders, but Josie is the REAL hunter in our family. (She's never gotten a mouse, but she did lick a toad one time!)

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

(sorry about the deleted post..I goofed!)
Mum won't let me eat any mice I catch, but I've been able to fool her once or twice.
She's printing out the photo of the two of you to send to Grandma- hope that's OK !
Have a good weekend!
You are very lucky to have a brother. I have a snotty sister and she doesn't like to play with me.
Hi Eric and Flynn,
You boys are an awesome couple. I love mousies too but have to catch my own as I don't have a brother to help me.

Love the picture of you two on the chairs.

Poppy Q
How great to have dinner delivered! Your folks have a great idea about the roses. I think that roses are very pretty, but not as pretty as us kitties!
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