Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sleepy Sunday

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Furry comfy!
That's what happens when you go exploring outside!!! You get tired and have to curl up for a nice long nap.

Luf, Us
Shhh! ::whispers:: sleep tight, Eric.
Where's Eric? I don't see him anywhere! Wait, is that you asleep in the blanket?! I'll be quiet now, sleep tight friend.
Aww! Very sweet photo. :) Enjoy your nap, Eric!
It's hardly a surprize that yer ixzawsted after all yer advenchers owtside!!!
we just nipped ourselves crazy yesterday while mom & dad were at the big water, so we're all nappin' today, too!!

sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

the meowers
Hope you had a great nap.

Earl Grey
All dat asporing in da heat musta made yoo reely tired. Haf a reely good nap!
Gosh you look comfy! I might join you!
All that exploring must have really worn you out!
You look very comfy and cozy there. Sweet dreams :)
That is a serious nap, all snuggled in the blanket.
Good way to spend a Sunday, snuggled inside a soft blanket.
Oh, Eric, that is some serious power napping going on there!

Your face is adorable~!
Sweet dreams~!
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