Saturday, June 02, 2007


Saturday Stretch

There's nuffin like a nice bit of grass to lie on and reely stretch out.
Well personally I prefer to git my back legs up on the arm of a chair, and my front legs on the seat. I find yoo git a much better kwality stretch that way.


We have to take your word about stretching on the grass, all we gets is stinky cat grass in a little container.
Oh! You look soooooo comfy! I envy your outdoors *sigh*
Those are good stretches!
Mmmm, seeing those big stretches makes... me... want to... streeeeeetttch, tooooooo....
Grate pitchurs!!! We luf u demunstratin yur stretches. Ist dat Yoga?

Eric, we hopes yur Mum dunt sew yur mouf shut. Dat wood suk.

Luf, Us
Wow! Thoze are reely sum good qwality stretches!!!
I wanna go out too!!!!
A nice patch os sun, a good stretch, followed by a nap! Pure heaven! Any good birds or wildlife out there?
I agree, the chair is much better for stretching!
Yes we must stretch in many different ways. Gotta keep all of our muscles in tip top shape..
That looks like a great place to stretch! And the outdoors looks so inviting, sigh...
You really know how to stretch!
That is some very excellent stretching! Stretching feels good.
Oooo! Eric, that is a furry manly stretch. First class form, great leg extension. I hope all the baby mancats are taking note, this is the way it should be done fellas.

Flynn, your yoga is great too. the descending kitty is always a classic!

Oh wow, yoo culd make a yoga video and show off all yer yogert stretches!

PeeEss- Miss yoo my BIGman strawbarry angul shortcake, Eric! -Rosie
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