Thursday, June 14, 2007



We rassle on the grass........
We rassle on the earth......
and we rassle in the field

I think I'm beating you Eric
Oh no yer not!
Let's call it a draw then.


Oh, you guys look so cute rassling around, having fun! I like to rassle with my toys - I always win : )
You have some great rassling spots! I wish I could try it in the grass.

You two have great fun rassling.
Great action!!! Who's winning now?

Luf, Us
ooooh, rasslin' -- that's one of my most fav'rite things to do! I love rasslin' with Brainball especially. She'za real good rassler.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Good body will always support to each other. And challenge each other, to make sure they are always at the best.
Me an' Rascal rassle too!!!!! But he poops out quicker than me.
Awwwww, yoo two are grate role moduls to the kitties who don't get along!
Cute rassling photos. Wish I could have joined ya as it looked like a blast.
Rassling is so much fun! You guys look like you are having a blast! I miss having someone to wrestle with, although I will hopefully have a little brother or sister by the end of the year.
Great wrestling adventures...and the world heavyweight title goes to...
Obi keeps smacking Dorf because Dorf used to chase him and make him wet himself when Dorf's teeth hurt. Occasionally, Dorf still chases Obi, but not nearly as much. So now Obi smacks Dorf everytime he gets the opportunity. Making up for lost time we think....

Luf, Us
rasslin iz mi favrit sport e + f. mi brudder matsui iz da gratest rassler fer me.
rasslin in da grass iz purrfect!
luv--yer grate frend--jh
I love to rassle. But Pixie does not rassle, she just bites. So I have learned how to rassle with my blanket instead. But it is fun to watch you two boys rassle!
OMG, do these pix remind me of Audace and Ruse!! LOL They rassle just about everywhere in the house, too. They'd love to give it a try outdoors, but I don't trust the different critters in this neighborhood.

I love this post -- all those wonderful rasslin' spots!

What a cool sequence of photos. You two really know how to have fun.

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