Monday, June 25, 2007


Mancat Monday

Flynn keeps telling me I'm lazy and nefurr do anyfing exciting .Mum sez I can't climb trees furr toffees, but why would I want toffees ennyway? She sez if I climb ennyfing I'm like a camel coming down. Well here's the proof. I CAN CLIMB TREES!!! Nearly as well as Flynn too. I fink I look furry mancatly on lookout dooty.

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eric you look furry mancat in that tree! you climb sooooo goodly... be careful getting down honey!

smiles, auntie bee
Eric you certainly are the model of a Mancat in dat tree.
Wowie, whatta great mancatly pikshure! You look like King of the Tree!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.
Very manly!
Wow, Eric, you are indeed very mancatly in that tree! We are very proud of you. We have never been in a tree at all but you are certainly a tree climber!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow
*applauds* Hey Eric - I learned to climb trees ALL by myself too!! You look very mancat-ly up there!
Eric, you definitely can climb trees! That's a great photo of you in the tree. :)
You certainly are a wonderful mancat Eric and a great climber ~ very agile!
Wow, you look very Mancatly to us. That looks like a BIG TALL tree. You are very brave and we can't believe anyone would say you can't climb trees.
Samantha & Tigger
Be careful up there!
Oh wowie Eric, we are so jealous that you are doing some tree climbing
you are furry manly Eric!
That's some good climbin' there, Eric! Trees are a wonderful backdrop for our orange-and-white manly beauty.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Well, climbing a tree sure sounds exciting to me! It's something I've never done.

Eric, I knew you could climb a tree!
You're NOT lazy. They call me that all of the time. Climbing trees is very manly and fearless.

Eric, you scared me! I thought you were a mountain lion!
Wowie Eric you are furry brave and a fine mancat standing dooty!

brave, agile..look at that feline profile!!! How could your humans not be in awe of that prowess!!

I think you are very brave to climb up a tree. I tried it once and swore I would never do it again when I fell down with a thud.
I'm very envious, Eric. You look so manly in that tree and all I can do is fess up that I've never climbed one myself.

you look exceptionally manly in the tree! just because you usually CHOOSE not to climb trees doesn't mean you CAN'T.
good for you being all manly and climbing a tree. I suppose Flynn would be good a climbing trees, though, given his name. Well, you an me look a lot alike. You should check out my blog sometime!
Dat is egsepshunally mancatly! Da only tree I've ever climed was da Krissmouse tree and dat gots me in trubble...~Speedy
Luk at yer handsumness high atop the tree! Yoo are a pro at climbing them and yoo luk like a grate royal Cheezewiz YooKay ManCat, Eric!!

Don't furget to vote fur the presudential queshtun on Skeezix's blog abowt "being in favor of dewl catizunship for American cats marrying cats frum ovursees?" It's a topic neer and deer to my hart!

-Rosie, yer hostess cupcake
Mine mombean sez that toffees are like tempt-tast-ons for beans. I bet if you was to bring some back down for your beans they'd really know that you are a furry manly cat!
Oh Eric, you look wonderful up in that tree! What a mancat!
Wow, you DO look manly up in that tree!
wowie kazowie eric! u look grate in dat tree!
luv--yer tree climbin frend hizself--jh
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