Monday, June 11, 2007


Mancat Monday

A Mancat hides in the long grass to watch out furr introoders.


You look like a real hunter, hiding in the tall grass like that! Awesome photo. :)
Oh no, I can't be a real mancat! I'm not even allowed outside...Oh, I know, I'll hide in da plants and wait fur prey.~Speedy
I'm with ya, brotha!

That looks like fun!
So Hansum!!!!

Luf, Us
Sigh...and this is where you always get to be manlier than me. I really wish I could go outside.

Oh Ali loves hiding in the long grasses when momma takes him out on his harness.
oh oh oh, that's a furry manly fing to do!
Whatta manly mancat fing to do!

Just like big cats~!!
Very good skills of hiding~!
That is a good hiding spot. Then, when prey comes by, you can LEAP out and surprise it.
Good work there! Long grass is great, I love it when I go out in my harness as well.

Prepared to pounce...!
That's some tall grass, but I bet it's fun to hide in. Great shot. Did you get the intruder?
Hi 5 paw,
Tigger & Samantha
Any mousies?
Truly an outstanding "mancat" specimen doin' what the mancats do the best: lookin' for stuff!

Stop by my bloggie! I have a 500th post contest goin' and you are invited to make guesses!

Sincerilie, Yer parmasean sprinkled carrotcake Rosie
You look like a mighty cat in the jungle.

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