Monday, June 04, 2007


Mancat Monday

Being a mancat means there are lots of impawtunt jobs yoo haf to do.
One of the most impawtunt is guarding yer dad while he sleeps. I don't fink he will be happy if mum wakes him up wiv the flashy fing.

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Lookie! The sheets match your furs! Your dad must be a heavy sleeper to not notice the flashy thing!
Waking up the dad with the flashy thing? Ohhh, that would not be good. Or was your dad just fake sleeping?
Great picture. You look so happy and content doing this very important job. FAZ
Great photo! You are doing a great job guarding your dad. :)
Good job garding dad. It's our job to wake up mom in da morning. We all haf such hard jobs.
What do you mean?? As a defender, I need to watch out for my daddy too! I have a photo, I will show you next week!
Wow, you look so big and manly in that picture. Protecting is a very important Man Cat task!

You are a very good man cat to protect your dad, we protect our parents by sleeping at the foot of there bed and then randomly wake them up by walking on them, this is so they will be alert in case someone breaks into our house.
Grate job protektin yur dad. We bet hiz hed ist warm too.

Luf, Us
That is a job for a mancat! I don't protect my Mommie, but I keep her warm.
ohhhhhhhhhhh waking up daddy would not be a good fing. it's a good fing you is guarding him so well.
Yer doing a great job watchin' yer dad!
that's so sweet! Cocoa likes to lay up against the Lady's face so that half her nose is in his fur. the people sleep better with a cuddly kitty on their head or face - it's a fact.
Awwwwwww.....Glad you Dad didn't wake up! You are a good cat to guard him so closely!
the man and the man cat. good job!

So sweet~!!!!!
How sweet you are~!
Daddy must has very lovely dream~!!!
Guarding our family is probably the most important thing a Mancat can do. I always sleep by my Dad, but usually I perch on his belly (if he's sleeping on his back) or his shoulder (if he's sleeping like your Dad.) I think it keeps him from falling out of bed!

That's a great picture, protecting your Dad. You have such a satisfied look on your face doing a great job. Bet your Dad was really glad you were watching over him.

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