Sunday, June 03, 2007


Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Well can yoo fink of a better way to spend yer time?

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Look at this! Only know to sleep and sleep... ¡qué vida!

Since México ^_^
HAHAHAHA, yoo two luk like yer playing dead! soooo funny. Were going to try that rite now too! HAHAHAHA
hahaha excellent pictures! Look at you two little floppy puddins!!! Ha ha!! How cute!
You both look very comfortable lying there is the sun! :)
Oah my god~!
So lazy and just like in heavn~!

How wonderful atmosphere there~!
Look at that~!
You two look very silly! I think you are practicing different Full Monty poses. Have a happy lazy weekend.
Purrfect :)
Oh my gosh, when we first saw this we thot yoo were road kill kitties! Yoo sertinly are furry alaxed...phew.
Could you two get any more relaxed?
Yawn makes us sleepy just looking at it, so peaceful.
lazy and sleepy days are probably the best ever!

Oh, you two! Mum is laughing and laughing! She wants to rub your tums. Talk about relaxed...
Enjoy your sunny nap, boys!
My mom is laughing - you guys just look SO comfy!
that's hysterical! you two are the Kings of relaxing! I'm gonna do that as soon as the "marine layer" (as the weather man calls it) burns off and the sun comes out. right now I'm laying on the kitty grass chomping our new crop.
Now that is one terrific sleepy picture! We love your floofiness!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Working on your fur tans! A wonderful way to spend the day.
You two look relaxed and lovin' it. England sounds like a wonderful place to live. Have a great day.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom
This makes me laugh a whole lot, boys!!
Tee hee!! Datz grate! Soakin up da heet off da konkreet. Luf it.

Luf, Us
Is you tryin' to get a suntan on your tum-tums?
ha ha ha ha those are great poses! ha ha ha totally comfy floofy poodins
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