Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I Spy

Shhh I am being stealthy. I haf spied sumfing in our field that's not yooshully there.

Look it's big fev-vers. We don't yooshully git ducks like that here, they are yooshully smaller mallards.

Here comes back up. Flynn has spied him too, and Mr. Duck duzn't efun know we're watching him.

Uh-oh, he's just seen us. Now we're haffing a three way stare down.
Note from mum:
The duck was very tame, probably from the local fruit farm. He let me pick him up, and at the third attempt I got him to fly away, "fev-vers" intact.

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That's a lucky duck, you 2 were ready to have lunch!
Sheesh, your mum spoiled the hunt! Lucky Ducky!
Oh wow, yoo have the culest ducks evur! The Yoo-Kay must be full of unusual duck speeshees!

And yoo luk so handsum my furry plumcake duck-huntur! -Rosie
I think those kind of ducks are not as smart as the Mallard kind. He is pretty big!!

I think that duck was a little bit dumb to not even notice you. But he seemed nice though.
I think he wanted to make friends since your Mommy had to make him leave! I wish I could have been there, then we could have had him surrounded! hee hee!
Wow, you two were going to take on that big duck! What team work. A good thing your Mom saved him!

Awww shucks, Eric and Flynn!! I woulda liked to have stalked that duckie with you...with the 3 of us, there's no getting away, not even with your mommy there!!!


[PS. My mommy is so glad that your mommy rescued the poor duckie in time.]
There woulda been enuf meat from dat ducky for a big roast for us blogger kitties! We guess it is nice dat yur Mom saved him tho. We loves dose huntin' picshures of yoo. We efun has some in our rotating background picshures.
Wowee!!! Ist dat a Muscovee duck? He must be tame if yur Mum culd pik im up. Wowee.

Luf, Us
Guys, what an adventure. That duck was enormous. Probably a good thing you didn't catch him as I think he might have given you a peck. FAZ
why'd your mum let the big fev-ver guy go? there was prolly enough meat for both of you and her too. bummer. hope she gave you something really good for dinner to make up for it.

Flynn - you can come and cuddle under the afghan with me. I won't do anymore fang showing.
Looks like your Mom does the same as ours. Always rescuing what we hunted and sometimes catch. Cleo got a good sized lizard last week, and what does Mom do.........takes it from her and throws it over the fence. And you could here that lizard hightailing it out of there. Mom says she loves how you two stick together so much. Almost every picture you two are together. Brotherly love. I think that's nice too.

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