Saturday, June 16, 2007


Feeling grumpy.

I will not ask yoo again, now will yoo pleez turn the compooter on so I can visit my furrends.


I hope they listend and let you use the 'puter.
Yoo tell 'em! I miss yoo my calzone flavored lollypop!! -Eric
It's so hard to get the staff to behave sometimes, isn't it Eric? Glad they finally turned the 'puter on for you. Next make them give you more treats.
You tell them, Eric! I do not blame you for being grumpy.
Are you making your rounds to visit your pals, Eric? I sure hope so.

One of my friends has this "speck of dust" theory -- whenever something goes wrong with a computer (or just about anything else electronic), and it can't be fixed or explained right away, there must be a speck of dust somewhere, causing the problem! I hope everything's all fixed by now!

Grace and crew send purrs!
U du look a bit peeved der, owr gud furriend Eric.

Annie hast stopped squirtin now, an der wast only 4 yaks to cleen up dis mornin. Tings ist luukin up.

Luf, Us
Don't be grumpy. Yoo can bisit wif us again efun if I am not stucked.
~Beau Beau
Eric, you look so cross!
You need some world class cuddles to make you feel better. My Mum volunteers for the job.
You're allowed to be grumpy. I've been grumpy for the past ten years. Embrace your inner grump!
that's 'ZACTLY how we feel. it's been 10 DAYS since we got to post! we're gonna do it now though.

Flynn, I'm glad you're coming to visit - I've missed you.
Good job, Eric. I hope you are getting to visit all your friends right now.
We know just how you feel!
deer eric,
it'z hard to get good help deze dayz.
wut da heck'z a "calzone flavored lollypop"? duhr!
luv--yer grate frend--jh
They should leave it on all the time. I mean, I know *I* would like to get online while they're asleep...but no, they just make it impossible...
Oh Eric, that is a very grumpy face! You made my Mum laugh and laugh.

Beans are so hard to train sometimes, sigh.
Love this picture. He does looked ticked off. What cattitude!!
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