Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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i don't think life gets any better than that!

You look very peaceful lying in the grass. :) Lovely photo. :)
Perfect. There is nothing better than that nap spot!

What a gorgeous photo!!! How relaxing!

Luf, Us
Oh, that looks so nice, I'd like to join you!

Hi guys! I tagged you for the 8 favorite things meme. Stop by and check it out.

Man, you make me want to find a warm sunbeam and take a nice long zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You look great!
Wow...that is the life! can you SLEEP??? There are so many things to do outside!!!! There are bugs and pple and birds and rolling around on the ground and chasing's pawesome!

And thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love to meet new furriends!
Ohhhh...prrrrrrrr... it´s a fantastic place to nap...muhahaha!

Purrrrsss from Spain.
Aaaah, a nap wood be nice...zzzzz
What a nice picture! I love how beautiful the yard/grass is and how comfortable you look!

What a fantastic photo! I would love to lay in the long grass. The grass in my yard is short and pokey.
Oh, you look so comfortable stretched out in the grass like that. I try to stretch out in my cat grass, but since it is in a small flower pot on the coffee table I have to just curl up around it : )

yu looks comfy in that bed of grass.

yuki & kimiko
Gosh, I've never been able to sleep in the grass like that! Does it feel good?

Now that's a good day!

Looks furry relaxin'- wish we could hang outside!
awwww, how cute and comfy.
Oh, you look so relaxed and happy. What a nice photo of you. It makes me want to take a nap!
That looks so comfy and relaxing! I bet you spent all day sleeping in the warm grass.
A nice nap in the grass.
Oh you make us want to be in the grass with you. Looks so cool and perfect for hiding and pouncing.
Be blessed,
Samantha & Tigger
OH, such a terrific napping place there in the grass!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
comfy nap. come visit my new blog about cats at:
added ur link there. check it out!
would appreciate if u reciprocate :)
Oh can I come ofur to yur houze and play in da grasses??

That is some great looking munching grass!

that picture just says'dreamy' to me!
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