Saturday, May 19, 2007


What is it???

Aarrrggghhhh I've just seen a monster!!. Flynn come and look. Flynnnnnnnnn where are yoo, come kwikly.

What's the matter Eric, what do yoo want?
Oh Flynn you're the monster. I didn't know what it was.

Go on Eric, it's safe, yoo go and haf a look.

Well if yer sure I'll stick my head in and have a look.I recognise what it is now. It's those funny masks some of the horsies wear to keep the flies out of their eyes.
Yoo haf to admit yoo did look skeery though Flynn.

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Aaaaaaahhhhh! Oh, it is just you, Flynn! You scairt me, too. But just for a second.
you scared me...i didn't know what it was! and it was you! that's not scary at all.

Ooooh my goodness! Good fing it wuzn't an alien. You wuz brave going near it like dat.
i am laffin an laffin E + F!
i saw doze kitty-pawz under da monster!
luv--yer grate frend--jh
That was very funny looking. We're laffin and laffin like Jeter and Mickey.

What a great bag! You scared me at first, but after I saw you, I thought you found the best toy!

Flynn, I was quite scared, too! You have me shakin in my fur! But then just when I thought I'd wet myself, you revealed what we were seeing! Very interesting outing the two of you had!
Since I am a mellow cat, I can't say I was scared. But as a Good Cat, I was quite curious about the identity of the supposed monster. (Curiosity is one of the hallmarks of a Good Cat.)
hehehehe, yoo fooled us two!! That was a funny trick to play on Eric (evun thow yoo didn't mean it to be).

Yoo have the culest monstur costumes in the yookay! I'm coming ovur to pick owt a scary one fur halloween!

Sined, yer tuna muffin Rosie
Wow! That wuz furry skeery!!! We dint no wat it wuz!!!

Luf, Us
purrrrr - is there room in there for me too?
hahah, mum couldn't figure out what the thingy was until you said what it was.
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