Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Whacky Wednesday

All right, we know we put this pichur on a preeveeuss post, but it wuz soon after we started blogging, and we fink there's probly lots of kitties who hafn't seen it befurr. We sirtinnly fink it's whacky ennyway.

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Oh, Flynn, we are laughing with you laughing!!! We like the previous post with that hay hat too!
That is a wacky photo! THanks for the laughs! Great picture! :D
Flynn we are laffin and laffin too!

Hahahahah! I never saw that picture before! Flynn, you are a silly boy! Thanks for sharing a laugh with us.
That is a great photo! We haven't seen it before so I'm glad you shared it again.

Sometimes we forget which pictures we have posted....

That must a good joke, too funny! Thasnks for stopping by our blog with such wonderful comments!
I have to admit that sometimes I end up putting reposting a photo... my human is so lazy.

I love that picture. Whatever were you attacking?
Flynn, you look like you're laughing your head off! Is Eric doing something silly?
......ahem......great action shot.......
Oh that's a great picture and we haven't seen it afor!!! Ist u snappin at a fly? Oh wait, we furgits if u hast flies in GB? Cuz u don't haf screens.

Luf, Us
I hadn't seen it before! Flynn, you look like you're just laughing up a storm! Must have something to do with your bro.
You're having a lot of fun in that photo - it made me giggle!
MOL!!! We are all laughing with you. It must have been a really pawesome and wacky joke!!!!
whacky pose but very nice shot~!
I love that~!
to quote the great Jeter Harris, we was "laffin and laffin".
HAHAHA, that picktur of yoo laffing makes us laff!! HAHAHA
Love the laugh!
wacky is a good word, flynn! i LOVE the picture...

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