Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We're just.......

........a couple of bums!
This is our 100th. Post so now we are going to see who is nearest. We'll announce the winner soon.
We haf checked all the dates and Grr is the closest being only 27 minutes out at 10pm. We haf decided to give Bombay a purrize too cuz he wuz only 33 minutes out, saying 11pm. Fanks to effurrycat who entered.Bombay can you email us wiv yer address so we can send yoo yer purrize. Our email address is on our profile page. We know your address Grr seeing as Flynn is allus teleporting ofurr to see yoo.

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No way - really? That's so cool! Thank you!!! Can my purrize be a romantic weekend with Flynn?
Congratulations Bombay! I'm sorry - I was distracted by thoughts of my cutie Flynn.
Nice bums!
Ha ha ha ha!
But a couple of nice bums! Happy 100!vvaopjy
YIPPEEEEE!!!! I am a winner! And a joint-winner wif a cool cat like Grr too!

Catgratulations, fellow winner Grr! And fank you fur holding this furry fun contest Eric & Flynn!

~Bombay (The Winner)
Furry cute picture!
YEAAAA, how awesum!!! ummmm, I was refuring to the grate picktur of Eric's booty...was thare a powst too? -Rosie

OK, I guess I'm going to have to be the ones to actually congratulate the winnurs! YEaaaaa Bombay and Grr! Grate guessing job! -Cheeto
I comfortable in my masculinity so I will admit it, you both have nice bums. LOL! Congrats to Bombay and the Chavez kittie's 3!
Cute booties!
Hahahaha! Matching tails.

Congratz Bombay!
You asked in Mickey Mantle's blog who sang the song "Oh Mickey." The group was The Go Gos.

Tara (not the cat)

PS Congratulations on your 100th post!
Congratulations, Grr and Bombay!

I especially like that shot.

Congratulations, Grr and Bombay. Congratulations, Eric and Flynn on your 100th post. Nice bums.
ahahahahahahah that is the bestest photo ~poiland tribe
Nice furry bums.

I, Obi, of similar coloring, have tagged you guys for a meme. Drop by and check out the rules of the game.

Luf, Obi
Haha, that is a great picture! Congrats to Grr!!! And Bombay!


P.S. I tagged you guys!
Congratulations to the winners!

You guys are nice bums though!~
Oh, those are terrific bums you have there! Great photo. And I see that I am not the first or second but I also have tagged both of you for the meme! I picked you two because you're orange like me - OK, I also like looking at your pictures!
Cute tails!

Hi, Eric! Just wanted to tell ya... you've been taggied! Come by my bloggie for details.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
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