Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Tummy Toosday

Woofie Update.
Several poodins wuz wondering about what happened to the woofies yesterday. Well they wuz ok cuz they got shut in the Land Rover so they couldn't escape, and when dad had his dinner, he took them back to the farm. Bet they thought they wuz going to the V E T.

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I bet your dad was super surprised about those woofies. Momma was giggling at your story.

Eric, that's a big mancat tummy!

You are looking like a manly mancat today.

our mommy laffed at the woofie story too.

furry floofy tummy!
HAHAHAHAHA!!! I bet you and Flynn were outside the car TELLING them that they were going to the VET! LOL!
What a wonderful fluffy tummy! and so Manly ; )
eksellent tummy, eric!
luv--yer frend--jh
You guys can come and get me anytime - I'm packed and ready!
How do you keep such beeyoutiful white furs when you git to go owt? You are so bright white!

We're glad those poor woofies made it back to their own farm!

Luf, Us
Wonderful tummy! You're looking so relaxed! And thanks for the woofie update!
With that piktur, it's not tummy toosday...it's supur attracktive, wildly cute, tremendusly terrific tummy toosday staring my adoruble honey Eric my YooKay Mancat!

Sined, Rosie who wants the jetpak back frum Rocky to visit yoo and yer supur hot tummy!!
ummmm, I mean Mao...not Rocky. Rocky is to plump and lazy to whare my jetpak, but yoo didn't hear that frum me!
Whooo Hoooo...The best picktur EVUR!! Yer so hot, Eric! -Rosie
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