Thursday, May 31, 2007


New Bed

Look, Dad's brought me home a new bed. It's got a nice fleece lining, and when I don't want to sleep on it, it zips up. It's furry comfy. Thanks Dad.
Whaaaat???? It's not a bed? What do yoo mean it's furr yer gun. Well if it's not furr me, why did yoo put it here? Well I fink I'm going to keep it, so there!!

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That looks like a furry nice bed! We kin defnutly see wye u claemed it fur yur own.

Luf, Us
Soft and comfy looking! Plus you're a hunter so why can't you sleep there?

It is making us furry sleepy just looking at it, so soft & cozy.
Sure looks like a nice bed to me!
Yep, I think you should keep it! Finders keepers and all that!
if he left it there and napped on it, it's got to be yours!

A gun doesn't need a soft place to sleep. It should be your bed now.
LOL at work. Always a good thing. Excellent photos, kitties. Furry handsome.

Flynn...I think yer dad means it's a bed fur Eric's mussles which luk like guns! -Rosie
As long as you stay on it.
It will be yours, don't worry be happy.
Hey - why don't you copy what I do? Just rub yourself all over it, sleep on it, leave loads of hair all over the fleecy bit, maybe even summon up a nice icky fur ball - then maybe your Dad won't want it any for me!

Meoiws to ya from Bristol -

Tinker the Cat
Jajajaj me has hecho reir con ese: "Whaaaat? Is not a bed?" jajajaja.

Saludos desde México
hehehe! That looks like a really great bed. And yeah, Chase has gotta really great point, since you're a hunter that bed would be purr-fect!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Your human must be kidding. Exactly the right size for you, and lined with soft fleece, and they try to tell you it's not for a soft furry cat, but for a hard cold gun?!?

(Ils sont fous ces humains...)
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