Tuesday, May 01, 2007


More Holly Day Pichurs

This is the hotel that the Beans stayed at in a place called Cricket St. Thomas in Somerset. It is only about 95 miles furrom our home. If it's that close, why didn't they come home at night to visit us?

The wisteria growing against the walls looks reely lovely. Mum sez it is in flower a lot earlier than yooshull.

This is the Grand Staircase in the hotel. The house was once used for a UK series called "To the Manor Born"

It looks like these two vishus deer lost theer heds.

And here is an even more vishus deer in the park grounds. Just look at the size of those stabby fings on his head.

There were Meerkats in the wildlife park. Looks like this one didn't like the Beans.

This one seems more frendly, mum sez he wuz on lookout dooty.

This is a vyoo in the park grounds. Mum sez that efun though it wuz warm, it wuz furry misty in the morning.

Here's anuvver vyoo. It looks like it could be an inchresting place furr fishies and fev-vers.

This wuz the vyoo as yoo drive away furrom the Hotel.
Don't furrget to enter yer guess furr our 100th. post

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That looks like a very very very beautiful place. Except for the vishus deer. I am scairt of those stabby things.
What a pretty place! I'd like to say hello to the meerkats! HeeHee!
Mum recognized the staircase. Guess she used to watch that show.
Those are wonderful hols pictors!!! It looks so beeyoutiful wer yur mum and dad wentededed fur hols. We're glad u shared wif us.

Luf, Us
What a great place they stayed!! We cats could have a great time chasing each other all over that grand house.
Is wisteria like lilac??
ps: Those meerkats look like they would be great to party with too!!
Thay must be vary tired hanging owt with a whole bunch of krikets. Thay are vary noisy...and how do thay sleep with thowse vishus deer staring at them?!?!

Yer peeple must be vary hard of hearing and vary currajus! Glad thare home with yoo all again!
pee-ess...whares a picktur of Eric in this powst? I miss luking at his handsum face and plump yet supur attraktive belly!
i agree, why couldn't they have come home if it was only 95 miles away?!

the staircase looks like it would great fun for a huge game of tag. you're it!

Sommerset is nice, isn't it?

The vishus deer and meerkats? Not so nice, I think.
My Mommy is in love with that place. She wants to go! Wisteria is one of her favorite flowers. Your Mommy and Daddy stayed at such a wonderfully relaxing looking place. I bet it gives Skeezix hope to know that Vishus deer can be caught and dealt with!

Stop by my blog and tell me how you got your names.
Eric & Flynn it looks like your beans had a lovely holiday. I hope you survived without them okay : )
oh my. I would have thought that they really really could have taken you along on this short holiday. The meerkats look very friendly.
My mum says she has driven past there quite a few times but never been there. I'm glad your humans had a nice time. I entered my guess for your 100th post contest.
SO beautiful!

our Lady really never wants to go anywhere, but your pictures make her want to go there. we made her promise that if she does go, she'll bring us too.
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