Sunday, May 13, 2007


Lessons in mouse catching.

Right Eric. I keep catching all the mice and let yoo haf them. I fink it's time I showed yoo how to catch yer own.

Furrst of all yoo find a sootabull hole right? Now yoo haf a look down theer and tell me if yoo can see ennyfing.

Come on, it's not going to bite yoo. Haf a good look down theer.

That's better, now can yoo see ennyfing?

What do yoo mean yoo don't know. Move ofurr and let me haf a look.Yup he's deffernuttly down theer.

Now stand back and let the purrfeshunull show yoo how it's done.

Result!!! Gotcha yoo little devil.

Trubble is I still caught the mousie and gave it to yoo Eric.
Yoo haf to catch the next one yerself now I haf shown yoo how to do it.

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Wow, I am very impressed with your mouse-catching ability! I have never caught a real mouse - just toy mousies. You are a great hunter Flynn!
Wow! I learnt a lot furom you today, Flynn. Cos I nefur caught a mousie myself befur. Now I must go test my new skills! WATCH OUT, MOUSIES!!!

I think every family should have a designated hunter. When I moved in I took over that responsibility. Of course I think Chase just ate the wrong end of a mouse once and decided not to ever try that again.

What an excellent hunter you are!
Wowie, this is a great lesson.
You are a great hunter Flynn
I am very impressed! Thanks for the great lesson. I have never ever caught a mouse before. I do not think I have ever even seen one before. Unless my pink fuzzy toy mouse counts.
I'm very impressed, Flynn. All the mousies I've caught have come into the house from the outside, so I have a question. When you see a hole, how can you be sure it's a mousie hole and not a chipmunk, snake or beehive hole? Oh wait..I bet it's cause of the mousie smell isn't it?!

Maxwell Smartkitty
That is very interesting. We have never seen a mouse. I like your technique.

Earl Grey
Flynn, that's a great lesson you taught Eric. I haven't caught a mouse in some time now. Guess they stay away since there are four of us around here. Sure would be fun to catch one again. There even isn't many froggies around here this year. Kind of disappointing. Usually Mom saves them from Cleo or I. There's one on our site today that Mom teased me about. She sure isn't any fun.

Oh Mom wants me to tell you she sure likes to see pictures of the two of you together. She thinks you are mighty handsome cats.

Flynn, I am very impressed with your mousing. I hope Eric was paying attention and can help you out next time : )
Mice? I leave that to the Brats. I'm too old to go chasing after anything that doesn't have nip in it.
That is so good that you are teaching your brofur to catch mousies. Then you both can have fun.
That was very instructional, Flynn. I will have to try it myself. We have lots of little mole holes around here and moles aren't that much different from mousies.

That use to be how I survived before Daddy found me. I really kinda' miss mouse hunting and I really don't miss mouse hunting. The fake mousies are all I catch now. Sigh...
Flynn the mighty hunter!! good job
Great tutorial! Every cat should be able to catch fresh mouse!
Oh this was a wonderful lesson in mouse catching!! Will there be a PoP Kwiz? Do mousies always come out of holes? We dunt haf enny holes heer.

Luf, Us
Ewww. I mean, I am impressed, but ewwww. If I was meant to eat mousie, it would come in a can of Stinky Goodness.

Now, if one gets in the house, I might chase it and pounce on it. Maybe. I'd probably just play with it, but Buddah would rip it to shreds. He's mean that way.
WELL DONE! Catching mice is one of my bestest, most favourite occupations. FAZ
yer grate hunterz e + f ... i'm verree impressed.
i miself haven't caught a mowse yet. maybe dis summer.
luv--yer grate frend--jh
Good job, Flynn!
I sometimes get a mouse that comes in from outside, but they all seem to get away. Mum says it's 'cuz I open my big mouth to brag, and the mouse escapes. Maybe you could give some pointers...
Mum is trying to pet you two through the computer.
OH OH OH, can I come over and play at your house?! I feel better, I promise I'll be good! What fun and Flynn, you're such a good teacher!
Very good mouse catching Flynn.It was nice of you to give it to Eric :)
Great lesson, Flynn. That's just the way to do it. Maybe if you stopped giving them to Eric, he'd learn better? I eat the mousies I catch. Well, before we moved into the house I did. Now I don't see mousies except the toy kind. I do throw them around sometimes, though, just to stay in practice.
purrrrr - I love a man with skills! plus, I see your claws in the picture where you deaded the mouse. purrrrrrrrrr!
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