Friday, May 25, 2007


Favourites meme

We were tagged by Mr. Hendrix for our faverits meme. We went and sat on the grass and had a fink about it. We agreed on efurryfing except the furrst one, so we deesided to do it between us.
Time of day:
Eric: Bedtime cuz I git to sit on dad's hed.
Flynn:2am cuz that's the time I like to git unner the kwilt and stick my claws in mum's tummy.
Day of week:
Sunday cuz dad's home as well as mum and we git to do lots of playing.
Season of year:
Summer cuz yooshully we git to stay out in the garden all day and help mum.
Christmas cuz we git prezzunts and help the Beans unwrap theirs.
What's that?
Ennyfing furrom Cats. The Beans went to see it in London several years ago and sed it wuz grate. Well it should be if it's about cats.
Pansies. Mum had some in her borders furr the winter and we kept pouncing on them. We won, we deaded them!
Ennyfing that's got fev-vers, fishies or uvver pounceable animals in it
We don't watch soaps, but mum watches Coronation Street.
Water, we won't touch milk, oh and toona joose.
Nefurr had froot but we will haf to try nanners.
Temtayshuns, speshully Dairy.
Gourmet Pearl. It yoosed to be Sheba, but that's our sekkund faverit now.
Nefurr been to one, but we keep asking the Beans to bring us back a kitty bag.
We tag: Beezer, China Cat and Oscar, the puppycat.

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Be careful with bananas, boys--my mom let me sniff one once after I made a pest of myself and I tell you, they smell dreadful! I had to squinch up my eyes and back away!
Tee hee. You sit on yur dad's hed at bedtyme. Do u keep it warm fur him, like a stockin cap?

Maw lufs lookin at pitchurs of u guyz in da purrty green grassies. Yur pitchurs are so loverly.

Luf, Us

Pee Sss. Maw ist gonna keep tryin to nab Orinch. He hast to git rid of his parts. We dunt tink da opossum hast bin bak since it wast cot. Musta skairt da bejeebers outta it.
Wonderful list of favourites! Temptations sure seem to be popular - too bad we can't get them in Germany. Christmas is my favourite holiday too. :)
That is a nice photo of you two on the grass. Is it as hot down there as it is in London? I am too hot with my long furrs.

Your dad should be pleased to have you sitting on his head!
bananas - ick. i like sitting on heads too. - Sammy
Is yoor dad's hed cold? We love movees like dat too, wif lots of akshon.
I hope you like the bananers. I think you will. What's not to love? NANERS!
Good thinkin' between the two of you!

I also like 2 am, thats when I really snuggle down into bed.

Snuggle time is the best time!
We luv nanners!
A beach is what the beans call yoo when yoo brakes into the crunchy food bag, I finks.
Fun list :) Fanks yall!
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
That is a very good and informative list of favorites! My favorite time of day is 10 minutes before 5:00am. 5:00 is when the alarm goes off! hee hee!

You two sure are photogenic! I love teleporting to your house, maybe I'll come over this weekend.
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