Monday, May 21, 2007


Double Mancat Monday

We wuz arguing about who wuz going to be the mancat today, so mum sez "Boys enuff arguing, yoo can bofe be mancats" So we sed ok.
Dad's big Sirprize.
Today dad wuz helping his frend on his farm. When he had to come home furr his dinner, his frend told him to take the Land Rover cuz it would be kwikker than going home in his tractor. When dad wuz neerly home, he looked in his rear vyoo mirrer and saw two woofie heds looking at him. He didn't know they wuz in the Land Rover, and he didn't know who wuz the most sirprised, him cuz he wuzn't expecting it, or the woofies cuz they wuz in theer sleeping and wuzn't expecting to go furr a ride. We laffed when he told us, but we didn't go out and say hello to them.

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Mum's are so wise. You are both wonderful mancats.
Good idea to share, you are both so good looking, a double Mancat Monday is a real treat!
Good looking Mancats, indeed! Mum is trying to pet you both again...
MOM!!!!!! I've gotted double vision! Uh... I dun? There's really two cats?

You scared me good, Eric & Flynn!

LMBO! I can just picture that and it makes me laughs out loud! I hope all worked out ok and that the woofies were nice ones!
I can't handle that much Man Cat. I think I need to go take a nap now!! What a surprise for your dad, I would have been terrified!

Datz a grate dual foto op!! An dat ist a furry funny story bowt yur dad!! Ack, Woofies in da mirror!

We laffed an laffed bowt Eric's big butt nokin da cat flap shut. tee hee.

Luf, Us
It's two, two, two mancats in one! Sharing is good.
Yeah, what a great idea -- TWO mancats on Monday! You're both furry handsome and mancatly.

And laffin' about the Woofies in the Land Rover -- hehehe!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh, a double dose of Mancats!
Yep, yoo's both handsum Mancats, so double Mancat munday is purrfect for yoos.

That was funny bout yore Dad's big surprize. hehehe We wouldn'ta gone to say hi to the woofies neither tho.

Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
you're both lookin' furry handsome and manly!
I got the box - thank you!!! I even shared cause I felt bad 'bout takin' all Midnight's purrizes and swattin' her in the head. my favorite is the fev-ver wand. I grabbed it in my teef and ran off with it.
Gosh, I'm glad he didn't drive off the road with that scare!
Furst of all, thanks fur the hottie picktur of yoo, Eric! What grate eye-temptayshuns!!!

Secundlie, Whoa...what were thowse dawgies doing trying to hang with yer pappa?!?!?! how funny!
yer eksellent mancatz ... both uv u!
wut did yer dad do wid da d-o-gz? i wuz laffin an laffin!
luv--yer frend--jh
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