Tuesday, April 10, 2007



We haf been haffing big trubble wiv AOL telling us it can't find our DSL
con-neck-shun. Well mum has tried furr about two hours and at last we are heer. We just want to fank efurrycat furr wishing us a happy purrfday, and fanks to efurry cat hoo teleported ofurr to see us. Fanks to Grr hoo came speshully to give me (Flynn)a purrfday kiss, and Rosie hoo came wiv her jetpack to see me (Eric). We hope fings heer are werking better tomorrow so we can do a proper post. Fanks efurryone.

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Yeah, mom and dad gots rid of nasty old AOHell and went wif Yahoo! We missed yoor purrthdays tho, so Happy Belated Purrthday!
Did you bite them? I would have.
This is horruble! AOL must have gotten into yer primo nip stash left ovur frum the party last weekend!

Eric, yoo sure know how to show a gurlcat a grate time! Frum arranging the temp-tay-shuns into a hart shape, making sure my nip-toy was always filled to compacity, showing me the romantik locashuns on yer field tour, and making sure I drank lots of tuna watur so I wouldn't have a nip-ovur today!

Yer the best, Eric!! I'm so happy yoo had a grate burthday and I got to spend it with yoo!!! With TONS of purrs, cuddles and noozles!!! -Rosie
Ooo I knoos how bad you wanted to put da bitey on them!

We is sorry we missed yur purrday... so we belated say HAPPY PURRDAY!

Grrr....that sounds mighty frustrating! I'm very glad you're back and had a great birthday!!

our Lady used to have AOL and she HATED it. she thinks it's evil.

we had a furry great time with you both on your birthday. maybe it's good that AOL hasn't been working so your mom can't post any in-krim-in-ating pictures from the wild party. purrrrrs!
You sure know how to throw a shindig! Your party was lots of fun. Even though I'm new around here, you treated me like you'd known me for years. Thanks!

AOL SUCKS! We had it years ago and never looked back when we got rid of it!
Oy! Bad AOL! Boogers to dem!

Yup, u toldeded us bowt yur Mum's 7 brakes in hur leg. Dat wuz furry impresif. Musta hurt too.

We hadeded a grate tyme at yur partee an enjoyed da feeld toooor.

Luf, Us
We are sorry we missed your purrday! Hope it was a ton of fun.
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