Monday, April 02, 2007


Mancat Monday

I am in the garden being manly and keeping all the fev-vers and slugs and snails away furrom mum's pots of lilies. The shoots haf just started to come up, so if I sit on them, that means I am protecting them right? Well why duz mum say "Eric git yer fat butt off my lilies" then? Sumtimes a mancat is just not apree-she-aytid.

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Tell you Mom you are ink-u-bating them. It helps 'em grow bigger!
Don't forget, those lillies need to be warm too and you are keeping them warm. Humans can be so unappreciative.
Poor Eric! I think you are doing a great job protecting those newborn flowers.
Eric, doesn't your Mum know that cat butt helps the seeds germinate?
Besides, someone has to supervise...
You look very handsome sitting there in the garden!
I know what you mean...sometimes they just don't appreciate all of the hard work you do.

OH what a beautiful picture. Isn't it nice to be out in the spring sunshine? I've been really loving the sun spots that show on the carpet.

You look relaxed and happy, Eric.
Eric is a very handsome mancat - Kellie sends her kisses ; )
Are you quishing the flowers?
Awww, Eric, don't listen to her! You look great sitting there. Just, don't poop there!
Maw ist gigglin bowt wat yur Maw sez to u wen yur fat butt is on da lillies.

Great Man Cat position wid a fat butt.

Luf, Us
Can't she see that you're just keeping the soil warm in case a late cold snap comes through.

Our mom is requesting photos of the flowers when they bloom. She's kind of a flower freak.

Shhesh! Humans! I get the same thing! 'Jack, get your fat butt off my fabric!' and 'Jack, get your fat butt off my papers!' and Jack, stop attacking my string!' You'd think she'd appreciate me holding her fabric and papers still, and protecting her from vishus strings!

I hope you grow your mom's lilies up nice and beautiful! That'll show her!
Yoo looks just great in dat flower pot. Dem flowers needs some warmth.
Eric, I think you are doing a fabulous job guarding the garden.
Eric, I think you are doing a good job protecting them. A hen sits on her chickens to make them grow better, right! Or is that the eggs?? The other day Mom said she appreciated Cleo and my help dusting the coffee table but she really didn't need our shedding fur all over it. Just can't understand these humans sometimes.

you're doing a great job! we like to lay on our cat grass while we nibble. we've got big butt marks where we flattened it.
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