Sunday, April 22, 2007



Do yoo fink if I sleep in the greenhouse I will grow to be as big as Eric?
Home alone again!!
The Beans are off again. Not fair, we haf to be locked up again until Friday, and yoo know what that means.
If ennycat wants to visit, we'll be glad of the company.

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Your beans are quite the travelling wilburys! I will come over and I'll bring a DVD, how about Finding Nemo? It's about fish...Lots of fish!!!
nooooo! not again! what's wrong with your people? why can't they stay put for more than a day or two? they ARE going to bring you more pictures of fev-vers, aren't they? we love, love, love the pictures they take! we'll all be happy to come and visit, or you could certainly come over here. Flynn, I'm in an especially cuddly mood right now...
Your beans have so much time to go places. I will see if I can pop over sometime this week.
When do you and Eric get to go on holiday with them? It's not fair to leave you every time.
We may pop ofur for a little while...while Momma is at werk. We don't want to leave her alone since she's sad 'bout Emmy goin' to a new home (hopefully).
~Meeko & Kiara
You look very cute in the greenhouse! :)

I'll teleport over on Thursday and Friday - my humans will be gone on a trip then too, so I could use the company!
deer e + f,
it stinkz bein home widowt da folkz! i hope yer ok. i would come to vizit ... but it'z prettee far.
i'll speek to u wen dey get back!
luv--yer frend--jh
That greenhouse sure looks snuggly warm. I hope you guys don't get too lonely on your own. I'll be thinking of you so hopefully my cat brainwaves will get all the way to Devon and make you feel less lonesome.
We just had an alone week too so we'll come over to visit.

Flynn, that looks like a lovely spot to spend the day!

I will teleport over on Wednesday and spend the day with you and Eric, see you then.

Oooh we would love to come over!!
Heck you never know, you just might grow bigger in the green house. Looks like a nice place to sun yourself. At least your Mom and Dad aren't gone a real long time. One time our Mom and Dad were gone almost a month but the daughter took care of us then. It's always so good to see them come home though huh?

Oh NO!!!! We'll come ofer! An u kin come ofer tomorrow fur Mom's Homemade Chicken Pot Pie!! Weze hafin owr dinner partay wid payper plates.

Luf, Us
There had better be lots of treats when they return!
we is on our way wif some treats and nip
I'll be there, too! My sisters are too scared to go anywhere, though!
mama's got to go to work tomorrow so i'll teleport in for a bit. we can be three gorgeous gingers all together!


ps we're having our first contest...details on tuesday!
Flynn- that's a grate catbed yoo have! It must be one of a kind cause we've nevur seen such a deetaled catbed as that one. It's green with wild curls in it! -Cheeto

Eric- while yer beans are gone yoo can catch up on yer sleep. Dreem abowt me and I'll ddo the same! Pee-Ess: Yer supur hot and it's no surprise Flynn wants to be JUST like yoo! -Rosie
Deer Eric & Flynn,

I am furry sorry you are locked up.

I am givin' you the thinking blogger award cuz you make me think. Come visit my bloggie to get it.


Yu look quite comfy all curled up in dat hose. Sounds like yu need sumone to come ofur furrs a nice long bisit....we'll be rite der!

Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx and Gracie
Crazy beans! Always on the run. Why can't they catch a clue from cats and relax and take it easy, napping as much a possible.
What a great place in the greenhouse you found!
Sorry about the lockup, but that's a great nap spot!
boy yer 'beans go a lot we thinks you should tie them to the house or somefing ~poiland tribe
How do yur beans get to go traveling all da time? You must haf lots of people round watching yur land.
Well, we tagged you anyways acoz we's always thinking bout all dat land.
That looks like the place to do it if you are going to grow that big. I hope your humans come back soon.
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