Saturday, April 28, 2007


Fishies and Fev-vers

Leave yer guesses furr when our 100th Post is in the comments on this post.

What's this???? Are they trying to copy me? Mum brought these Sir Ammick baby kitties home wiv her cuz she cullects them. She brought home some pichurs too.

If yoo look carefully yoo can see fishies here.

They saw lots of fev-vers too, like these brite pink ones called Flamingoes.

Then they saw these baby fev-vers too. We haf some like these that live here too.

Then thay saw this hyooj big white fing wiv loads of fev-vers. Mum sez it's a swan sitting on her nest. We say it's a bit big and skeery furr us.
They took lots of uvver pichurs too inclooding vishus deer and meerkats which we will put up later.
We haf just notissed we are hedding towards our 100th post so theer will be a purrize furr hoo-efurr guesses the nearest to when it will be. The deadline furr guesses is on Sunday May 6th at 0.00 GMT, which we fink is 4pm Saturday on the Pacific Coast or 7 pm Saturday on the East Coast in the US. We wuz going to haf a compytishun furr our 10,000 visitor and furrgot to look and missed it.Good luck to efurrycat.
pee-ess One guess per cat.

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oooooh - purrrrrrr! we love the vacation pictures your people take! we biggified to see the delicious pictures even better. mmmmmmm - lovely!

guess what? we were at your site looking at the pictures and we got the e-mail notice that you were leaving a comment at our site. purrrrrrrr!


pee ess: do you mean the deadline for the guessing is this coming weekend? not like today, right?
oops - we just saw the May 5th thing. guess we were distracted by fishies and fev-vers! by the way, we all turn 2 on May 5th.
Grr: May 8th @ 10PM
Cocoa: May 7th at 9:35PM
Midnight: May 10th @ 8:14PM
Nice animal pictures!

We love contests! We guess May 9 at 7:30 p.m. your time.

Cool photos! They look yummy, um, er, I mean they look pretty!
I guess May 9th at 3:00pm
Great pictures!! We luf the Sir Ammick kitties, they do luk like frum last week.

Luf, Us
your mom (& dad) take great pictures! i biggified the fishies, and i think you guys need to go fishing if you can. they're just waiting for you!

my guess for your 100th post is 5/11 at 3:40 pm (your time).


(if you put together my guess, that's how tall mama was before she shrank!)
Yummy pictures, I mean NICE pictures! Sorry, slip of the tongue! I'm not making a guess becuase I'm terrible at such things. How about I just tell you, WAY TO GO!
Love your friend, Oscar the Puppy Cat.
oh humm i fink may 3rd becuse it natioal hug your cat day

Lilly Lu
Hi guys! oooooh vishus deer and meerkats and swans. I hope they wore protective clothing. I heard that swans can be quite mean and , well, we know what vishus deer are like.
Ooo a kontest! We like doze effun if we don't win. It's fun to see all da gesses and effun more fun to cheer fur our frends when dey win! We'z gonna throw a gess out der. May 8th @ 7:00 a.m.
We guesses May 11 at 7PM EST.

We love all yur pichures. They am the bestest. Mom loves all outdoorsy picshures and so do we coz that's what interests us the most and keeps us bizzy when we look out da window.
Bet you two would haf loved to eat da fishes for a change of pace from all da mousies you get.
I'm not very good at guessing. How about May 6 at 11:32. Not too sure about those 'ramic kitties. They look suspicious. How do they smell?
Mom liked your copy cat cats, she thought they were cute. Loved the pictures. I liked the fishy one. Mom was going over your site and discovered that we started our blogs the same time July 1006. Bet you were glad when you beans got home.

I think I will guess May 5th at 2:30 PM.
I want to make a guess! Erm... I guess... May 8th at 11pm!

Oh that's my wedding time! I hope you can come by for the reception!
We'll guess uhm May 5th at 10:30am.

Luf, Us
yuki says may 9th @ 10:33pm

kimiko says may 11th @ 9:36pm

we likes the pikshures. they is got sum fery scary wild animals there! mommees likes the meerkats.
I'll guess May 4th at 5.30 pm
My gess is May 16th at 8am GMT. That's Mr TF's berthday.
ARGH....we're late to guess yer 100 powst! We're going to win the BIG 2000 powst guess fur sure! -Cheeto

It's probublie fur the bettur cause I think I'm inelligubull due to my resent jetpak trip to yer howse to met yer awesomelie cul poppabean! I see why yoo like to cuddle with him...he's a gud bean cuddlur...but not like yoo, handsum Sir Eric Of The Yoo-Kay! -

Yer gurlcat who is missing yoo and yer cuddles aleady -Rosie
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