Thursday, March 01, 2007


A Skeery Pichur

When owr Beans were away the uvver day, mum saw this and told us it is a magnit furr putting on the big box that keeps fings cold. She thought it wuz funny and sed the magnits are called Clive's Cats. Well we fink it looks like a vishus deer, and theer seems to be a conspirrowsee to fool Beans into finking it is harmless so they take them home wiv them, and hoo knows what mite happen once they git them indoors. We feel we haf a duty to warn efurrycat abowt this thrett to owr safety. Be on yer gard in case sumfin like this comes into yer house too.
Maw is gigglin. She wantz to no ifn that vishus deer/moose is wearin a skirt or boxers?

We ist bery sorry dat u now haf a vishus deer/moose hangin on yur cold box fingee. You'll haf to sleep wid 1 eye open all da time.

Luf, Us
Oh, never mind. She looked at it again and sees that the vishus moose/deer is on top of somebody's head!!!

Duh, Maw!!!

Luf, Us
hahahahahaha. we loves it!
Yes, definitely a cousin of the vishus deer!
Hi Eric and Flynn! Go look at my blog. We have a family of mini vishus deer lurking around our house. It's very distressing.
Nooooo! Our Lady puts moose in her hair! What're we gonna do? cute :)
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