Friday, March 23, 2007


My faverit drinking places.

When I wuz little Eric, I yoosed to like gitting in the sink wiv Flynn, and we wud play wiv the water and drink it furrom the tap.

When I got to be Big Eric, the sink must haf got smaller, so then I had to git in the baff and drink.

Well furr some reason I haf deesided that I want to sit in the sink again.
Mebbe I am going to turn back into Little Eric.

I like drinking furrom here too, trubble is that I block the plug hole wiv my butt and then the sink starts to fill up. Then I git yelled at by mum, cuz when I git on her lap she sez to me,"Oh Eric yer soaking wet!"


LOL! You are a funny cat Eric, you are one of the few cats I know who doesn't mind getting wet! I would not like it - although sometimes I sit with my tail in my water dish and I don't notice...
I also like to play with water. But the freak does not like it when I do that, cause I get everything wet, including the carpet.

I would love to have you both as ChippenDudes. Send me the pictures you would like me to use to cmcgre1ATgmailDOTcom
Eric, I demand to drink out of the sink. I almost have a ritual worked out with Mom so she knows that I need the water turned on. But I don't want my bottom to get wet. No, sirree!

You both should join the ChippenDudes. There aren't any ginger kitties yet. They're a little heavy on the tabbies like my brother.

Those pictures made me shudder, only because I've always *hated getting wet. Nothing will make me run faster than if water drips on me after someone washes their hands.

But you look like you're having a great time - maybe I'll have to rethink the situation.
Eric, I like to drink from the sink too! Sometimes I stick my paw in and watch the water run over my paw. It sure is fun. And you growed up nice and big!
hahahahaha that's funny!!!
Oh, Eric... you are such a cor-mee-dian!

We is laffin an laffin as the grate Jeter Harris would say!!! Block the plug hole wif yur butt!!! Tee hee.

Our Maw keeps the sinks filled with water for us to drink from and because it keeps Annie from using them as her litter box. (She has isshues).

Luf, Us
Thanks for coming to our fairy viewing. It was great to see you!

Flynn was furry good about being quite.

We do not mind messing around in water, but we will not go swimming!!
Water from the tap tasstes very good

How funny! Great pictures. I love to play with water, and two of my sisters like drinking out of the sinkie.
HAHAHAHA, it's unforchunate yer peeple made the sink smallur. HEHEHE, yoo block the plug with yer booty! That's soo funny. I culd just see yoo getting annoyed with the pile up of watur!

BIG ERIC or lil eric...yoo are still the cutest guycat EVUR!!! Purrs frum the othur side of the sea!! Love, Rosie
oooohhhh hheeee, you plugged the hole with your butt?!?! This was very funny!
Maw cracked up when she read your comment about seeing Annie's breakfast!!

Luf, Us
Eric, Ace and I could of told you that a bathroom sink is a great place to drink from. Make sure you don't make your humans water bill go up.
tell the people to get rid of that sink and get something with a counter that's big enough to lay down on. that's what I do. lay down and splash & drink - it's a great life.
i likes to play wif the water in a bowl but kimiko donts. mommees is laffin at how yu plug the hole.

yuki & kimiko
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