Sunday, March 25, 2007


Mancat Monday x 2

Here I am sitting on a log checking that dad has been doing his work properly.
Well efurryfing looks ok to me. I haf been getting a lot of hassle furrom Flynn cuz he sez he wants to be a mancat too. Well I told him he can put up a mancat pichur just this once, but then he has to leave it to me. He can carry on wiv the "kyoot shots"

Eric sez I'm not a big mancat and I shouldn't be on Mancat Monday. I asked mum if I could, and she sed of course I can, and that Eric mustn't be mean to me, so heer I am.Do yoo fink I look manly?


yes I think you look manly! Doing outdoors stuff like log-checking is definitely manly.
I certainly do think you look manly - there's no doubt about it!

Very very impressive and adorable!

You both look very manly, for sure.
I agree; you both are very manly.

I have to say that Eric is the king of mancatlyness but that doesn't mean that yoo aren't manly too, Flynn!

Way to Supurvise, Eric!! Vary attraktive.

Purrs to yoo!!! -Rosie
Flynn, you are every bit as manly as your bro. It's about time he shared!
Oh yes!!! You are very Manly indeed!!! You are a BIG Man Cat!!! And log checking proves that you're a Man Cat.

Sit on his hed da next time he won't let u post a pichur.

Luf, Us
You are both very manly cats. You need to take turns on Mondays showing your ManCat issues.
Sitting on a log is very very manly, Eric! But I think Flynn looks pretty manly too. I think there is room enough for two big mancats since you have a big place.
Ooooh, you're BOTH very manly yet cuddly. Mum says Eric reminds her of when she lived on a farm- her kitties used to supervise ,too! I bet Eric sharpens his claws on those logs...
You both look very mancatly.
I think you look just as manly as Eric does, to me. But I guess maybe you better not tell him that. Looks like you are checking things out too. You aren't napping. There you go, I'm with Derby, maybe you should go every other Monday and show your manliness. It takes two Manly cats to keep an eye on your place.

ooooh, purrrrrrrr! you look very manly and very handsome!
love & kisses,

that big meany Grr won't let me post fur Man Cat Monday effur. she sez i'z an annoying bouncy little fluff ball still. i'm gonna whap her.
Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday!!!

Luf, Bow
Flynn, my mom says you are manly and cute! :)

Eric, nice job supervising. :)
You both are wunderfull lookin mancats. Furry handsome indeed! Of course we are all furry partial to orange kitties at our house!

You are totally a mancat! Size doesn't matter.
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