Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've been caught kissing Grr.

I wuz feeling a bit bored, and I wuz just looking at the compooter, and not paying much attenshun, when suddenly......
Look at that beeyootyfull kitty!! Wow, it's Grr playing wiv string.

She is the best girlfrend cat enny mancat could want. I just haf to give her a kiss.
Grr I'm so glad I saw yer video. now I can see yoo all the time.
purrrrrrrrrr! you can come over here and give me a kiss any time.
Aww, how sweet! You sure do love Grr and she is a special lady cat!

How sweet.
Awwww that is soo touching.

Oh, that is sooooo sweet!
Oh that is so sweet!!! Wasn't that a captivating video?

Luf, Us
That is simply adorable. I love it.
Wow! Kitty love, virtual style!
I watch my Daisy's videeyos over and over and over agin. It's like she's rite thare with me!
Oh, this is so amantic.

It must be love!
Awww how sweet and romantick is that?
makes my heart go pitter pat.

<3 Caesar and Prinnie
We agree, that Grr is one hot girl cat. Madness wants to be just like her when she grows up.
Heh. Didja get a little shock when ya did that?
Too cute! It really must be love.

That's soooooo romantic!! Yoo were cawt kissing yer gurlfriend, Grr!!! HAHAHAHA...she's a wild one, nocking ovur lamps and attaking stringy things
RE: your comment on Davy. I hate to imagine what he went through, knowing what I do now. I find it so hard knowing that there are groups of people worldwide who do this type of stuff. I lost more than Davy when he was killed.

I am a member of so many animal organizations here in the states, and there are many newsletters and magazines that I just have to toss because I can't read about the rescued animals, or the puppy mill that was shut down, or the dog fighting ring that was caught. It gets to be too much. So I fully understand your reluctance to read about Davy.

Luf, Maw
HEHEEHE. Momma sayed aw how sweet!
This is so cute.
Isn't Grr a beautiful cat? You've got furry good taste!
awwwwwwwww you kissed Grr!!! how sweet!
awwwww! Grr is a sweetie pie!
Awwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Thank you for reading Davy and Loco's story. Yes, unfortunately I guess we do need to listen and read about this stuff in order to become enraged enough to make changes to the system. I hate to get back into it, but now that I've read the loopholes in the current law and what crimes have been allowed to go unprosecuted, I am as mad as I was in 2000.
Thanks again,
Luf, Maw
Oh that's furry sweet! Grr is lucky to have you!
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