Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm Bored

Guess what. The rain has stopped, and today the sun wuz shining ALL DAY and it wuz lovely and warm. We went out nearly all day. Our dad wuz werking at home and he let us do what we wanted, just checking on us now and again. We layed in the garden most of the time sunbathing, and then mum took us for a long walk. I'm not bored any more.
Efurryday it's raining. I want to go out furr a walk and play and climb trees.
Yesterday morning the sun wuz out and we asked mum to take us furr a walk, and she sed she would as soon as she finished the horses.Guess what. It started raining again befurr she finished. It's not efun ordinary rain, it's so hevvy yoo can't efun see the end of the garden. I'm reely reely BORED!!!!
awww, you look bored. you can teleport ofurr here- it snows here efurry day! at least it's different than rain!
I'm sorry about the rain, you do look very bored. At least you've got a great hanging out spot!

Oh Eric, I wish you were not so bored. Sometimes I like to watch the rain in the window. Or maybe you can rassle with Flynn!
You look really bored. I'm sorry about all your rain.
Awww. Bless your little heart. We wish we could take your rain from you cuz we really really need rain here. Really. You do look bored. Have you tried books on tape?

Luf, Us
Bummer guys not being able to go outside. Couldn't the horsies wait?
You look really bored too ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Maybe you just need some fresh catnip to perk you up. We hope your rain stops soon. Just as it was starting to warm up around here, it turned cold again and now there's a chance of snow! We're staying inside just because it's cozy.

The rain on the roof puts me into a nice doze.

You look very bored. Are you catching the rain where you are? It must really be raining hard if you have to do that!
Eric it's so sad you are so bored, but rainy days do that. It's suppose to rain here tomorrow but not as hard as you are getting it. It's good napping when it rains. Maybe that might be a good idea.

Maybe the sun will come out today...Do you have a harness to walk with???
Yup, yoo look bored. Books on tape is o.k. but haffing yoor mommy read to yoo is better. Yeah, some catnip and a good rassle and maybe some spongeball chasing.
we were here yesterday and left you a comment, but now it's not here. that's furry strange. anyway, we came back to see if your day was going any better. we hope it is.
Eric- Even when yer bored yer HOT!!! -Rosie
Ya gets to go outside an' yur still bored!!!!! Iffen I could go outside whenever I wanted I'd never be bored. Course, I'm never bored anyways cuz I have Rascal to pester.
We haven't had rain but snow and gloomy gray days. The sun came out one day last week, but its usually more of the same gray stuff. YAWN... Makes a cat tired.
We had lots of that rain too. Now it is nicer but I am locked in the house all day while my humans are at work. But I do get let out in the garden for a bit when my mum gets home.

Thanks for your sympathy over my "weekend of starvation" trauma. I'm just checking back into the blogosphere after spending 4 days eating non-stop to make up for it!
Fanks fur da purrs & huggs & hedbutts fur Dorfie. We dint know bowt toof flowers neifer till Dorfie had a cavity but it wunt no cavity it was a toof flower and dey took 10 toofies an he almost died cuz he barfed and erupted an den he went back 6 months later an dey took 9 more toofies an now he only gotz 11 toofies left an we afraid wen he go back in 6 months he gonna come home toofless but Pearl C. Pritchard sez dat Sammy her friend is toofless an he still eats so dat is gud noos.

Luf, Us
Oh and Pee Ess. We ist glad it stop raining and you wuz owtside all day in da sun cuz your dad wuz werking from home an den your mom came home and took you fur walkies.


Luf, Us
Wow! A 25 year ol' poodin wid no toofies! Datz grate!!!

Is it sunny or rainin tuday?

Luf, Us
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