Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Flynn the Mouser




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did you get it? did you get it? was it yummy?
Fanks fer visiting today - don't know what was up wif our "comment" stuff earlier - but it's fixed now :)

You "comments" info is almost all covered by yer Catster badge (we're viewing yer blog on a MAC).
Oh wow....you are SOOOOO lucky. Gosh I miss hunting mice.

Wow, that was exciting to see! I hope you got him!
oooooooooh! I'm so furry impressed by your hunting skills - very, very manly! Do you have pictures of The Kill? Does mouse taste better than Temptations?
That mousie didn't stand a chance once you followed him into the hole. You are a very good mouser.
The mighty hunter pics make you look furry manly indeed!
Yayyyy! Mousie for dinner! Hope you got 'em. Much better den corn an wheat filled crunchies.
See? You're definitely a Man-Cat! What great hunting skills!
Ooo, fresh mouse meat, yum. It's been a long time since I had me a fresh mousie~Sadie
Wow, you're a great hunter -- mousie meat, mousie meat! Hey, maybe you can bring it to your momma and she'll make you a mousie burger.
You're quite the intrepid hunter, Flynn!
And where exactly did you go?!

We have the same problem as Kimo and Sabi when viewing your blog. We too are Mac users.
Wow -- hunting a mouse. I suspect that we have a mouse in our house but Pumpy and I just sit and look at the cupboard door when we hear him/her. I think our humans are disappointed in our hunting skills.
Good work, Flynn. Are mice harder to catch than the treats in my treat ball? Somehow I think they might be...
Love the ginger bum! I can almost see it wiggling as you pounce. I hope you got the mouse and that it tasted good!
You guys are so cool! Adding you two on my linky thing right now!
Thanks for visiting me!
Yer a wild one, Flynn!!! Chase on!!!
No mousie can escape Flynn's claws! Was your Mommy impressed?

Ack!!! Did the mouse eat Flynn? Where did he go?

Luf, Us
Wow you are an amazing hunter. I need a nap.

Hi Guys!!!

We tagged you for the 5 Reasons Why I Blog MeMe!!

Luf, Us
WOW Flynn! What a great place to go hunting!!!!
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