Friday, March 30, 2007


Five reasons why we blog

We haf been tagged by owr frends at Forty Paws furr five reasons furr blogging, so we decided to do two each and one between us.
1: I can show off pichurs of my hunting skills.
2:We can read uvver cats blogs and make lots of new frends. (It wuz fanks to Fat Eric that we started in the furrst place.)
3:I can show off my Big Mancat fizzeek.
4:We can show uvver cats where we live, and see where they live and learn about them and their country.
Bofe of us:
5: We haf got the best girlcatfrends in the werld and we can see them and talk to them on owr blogs. Fank yoo Grr and Rosie.
We tag Grr,Midnight and Cocoa, Rosie and Cheeto, Rascal, Beezer and Oreo.

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This is very nice. we are working like crazy on ours and will have it up tomorrow!!

Happy Friday
those are great reasons, and our Lady really loves the word "fizzeek" - she says that one made her day! we'll get ours up tonight.
good reezinz to blog, boyz. i luv yer huntin piksurz.
Eric, I have certainly noticed your Big Mancat fizzeek! Both of you, thanks for sharing your good reasons for blogging!
those is great reasons - 'speshully the girlfriendcat part!
"fizzeek" - good one! Your background photo on the computer is great as well!
These are wunnerful reazunz to blog! We ist so glad to no u 2!!!
An datz a grate pitcher ov u an yur pooter wid u in da pooter. Huhm. Datz od.

Yep, weze agreee dat FE & Obi muzt be brudders sumhow. Dey do luk furry alike.

Luf, Us
I like your reasons for blogging. I enjoy looking at your pictures of hunting and showing off your mancatly "fizzek".
Great reasons for blogging!
Love the reasons, and all the earlier pics! You should enter some of them in Cats in Sinks!
Thanks for visiting!
Wonderful reasons to be part of our great big world.
Yer BIG MANCAT fisseek is definately a grate reasun to blog, Eric! I'm soooo luckie to have such a handsum boycatfriend like yoo!

Sined with luv frum yer Americun Sweethart hoo thinks yer super hot, Rosie
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