Friday, March 09, 2007


Better Weather

We wuz getting reely bored cuz of all the rain, and we couldn't go for a walk. Well the weather is a lot better now, and the sun is shining. It's even warm enuff furr me to sit here sunbathing.

That's enuff of the sunbathing, it's time me and Eric took mum furr a walk.

All the sheep in the fields have got theer lambs. We like to watch them running around.

Time furr some nice fresh green grass.

We haf to check efurryfing out. We hafn't been down here furr ages.

I need a rest and a bit more sunbathing.

All this walking has made me hot. I need to cool my tail down.

That's cooler. I'll just haf a quick look ofurr the hedge and see what's going on there.

We are on guard duty here. This is the field that the vishus deer go in sumtimes. We haf to make sure fings are safe befurr we go back to our indoors.
We had fun outdoors. It's much better when the sun shines.
Oh these are such beeyoutiful pikshurs Eric and Flynn!! We wish we could go fur a walk wid you!!!

We ist Fankful dat u r owr furriends too!!

An Holy Tamolli! Those poodins did have gud jeans accordin to owr Maw. We hafn't seen poodins warin no jeans neifer. Mebbe we shud ask Daisy da Curly Cat. She's a fashionista ya know.

We ist glad you got to go fur such a wunnerful walk and share it wid us!

Luf, Us
That looks like wonderful weather there. We are still hoping it will clear here. You two are two very handsome and lucky gingers.
You two have quite the life - I'd like to hang out with you! Beautiful places to check out ...
I am so happy that you got to get outside. It was warm enough here to open the window for a bit.

Plus mum loves the pictures. When she has visted the UK it has been around this time. Nice to see green grace and the daffs.
yu shure hafs a nice yard to play in. lots of grass ans stuff. ar sheeps vishous like deer?

yuki & kimiko
You two really haf it made. The werld is at yur pawtips wif all dat land and all those places to hunt. An you look sooooo handsome and manly out there ready fur the hunt!
oh they is beautiful pikshurs Eric and Flynn, and our mommy now wants to move there!
It looks like you guys are having way too much fun!!!
Wow, thowse are grate pickturs of yoo and yer wondurful surrounding! We hurd that the rain makes the yummy green stuff if yoo didn't have the rain than the pickturs wuldn't be sooo colurful!

Eric- Yoo know what I like abowt US? Opposites attrackt...I'm a city cat and yer a country cat! SO CUL!
You both look lovely in the sun! :) It looks beautiful where you are. I'm only allowed outside on my harness under supevision.

Those sheep look like they would be fun to watch!
iz dat reelee ware u liv? it'z so byootiful ... mi mom sez dat it remindz her uv her trip to ireland last summer!
u both look so hansum! i wish i could join u!
luv--yer frend--o'jete
Beautiful Cats and Beautiful Scenery!
The grass looks yummy!
WOW! It's no wonder you get bored when it is raining when there is so much to do and see outside at yer house. It's so beautiful there! I would like to watch the sheep and lambs running around too. Have fun boys!
whoa! your yard's like Disneyland fur cats! I wanna come offur and lay in the sun an explore with you guys!
you're looking especially handsome Flynn!

(oh, Cocoa's wondering if he can come too - he's got something stuck to his overly fluffy butt and the Lady's been tormenting him with washcloths)
Wow, lucky kitties :-)
Beautiful scenery, what a great place to frolic.
These are great pictures. Looks like you guys have a furry exciting life with so many fields to investigate and snoopervise!
Wowie! What bee-yootiful pictures, and what handsome fellers you guys are. Looks like you have a lot of fun.
We're so glad that you can go outside and play again. What a blissful place for two handsome cats. You both look so happy.

Wish we lived near the country side. We live in a town on the Isle of Wight and the roads are quite busy!
What beautiful countryside you live in! Your beans are very fortunate to have such brave handsome kitties to help them run the farm and protect them from deer.
Wow! That is a terrific place where you live!!! We're glad you could go outside and enjoy it. And you even get to watch sheep! Plus your fur looks so pretty and bright with all of the green of the outside!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
You certainly had a great walk outside. Lambs are fun to watch.
Mom loves it when you get to go outside and your Mom takes pictures of you and the country side. She loves the guard duty picture, she says it's so cute. You know Moms and there thinking. I think it's pretty cool too.

Wonderful pictures! You live in a beautiful place.
What grand photos! I like your stalking poses the bestest!
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