Sunday, February 04, 2007


We haf a winner!!!

Last nite we waited an waited cuz we wuz hoping the 1000th. comment wud be befurr we went to bed. At haff past Midnite mum sez "cum on boys, we haf to get sum sleep." When we looked today, the email sed it wuz 2 minnits after we went to bed. See we told mum she shud uv wated longer.
Oh yoo want to know who the winner is?
It's Beezer Yayyy!!!
Concatyoolayshuns Beezer. If yoo emale us wiv yer address, we'll git yer pakij off too yoo. Owr emale address is on owr profile page.
Hooray for Beezer!

Congrats, Beezer!
Awesum!! Yippee Skippee fur da Beezer!
Luf, Us
WAY TO GO Beezer!!! What a grate honur to be the 1 milliunth-billiunth comment on Eric and Flynn's bloggie!!
yay fur Beezer! an yay fur you guys being so popular!
Concats, Beezer :)
yay beezer!!!

yuki & kimiko
yay beezer!!!

yuki & kimiko
yay beezer!!!

yuki & kimiko
yay beezer!!!

yuki & kimiko
Holy smokes!
I never wins nothing before! I wasn't even trying!
I'm honored. And I'm doin' a little dance of happiness.
Thanks to E&F and all for such nice congrats.

Ps. Mum is at work right now, so she'll email our post address when she gets home tonight
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